An Arizona snow day

It’s Friday, February 27th and time to leave Tucson. We had been here 4 days and had way too much fun but it was time to head to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the night and then to Alamogordo, New Mexico.

But wait, let’s check the weather first. Oh my gosh – you’re not going to be believe it? What? There’s 3 inches of snow forecasted today in Las Cruces!

Yahoo – it’s a snow day! We’re staying home one more day – in Tucson.

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Saguaros – “Stately Sentinels”

On average, there are 48 precipitation days/year in Tucson and February 24th was one of those days. We had 4 – 5 hours available to explore as the coach was in the shop getting the full-wall slide checked out. Decked out with umbrellas we were off – but we should have brought jackets! The temps have dropped in Tucson!

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Everyday life on the Arizona road

We stayed in the dusty desert town of Quartzsite for 2 nights discovering that this is probably one of the cheapest places to stay long-term – less than $10/night – and different people we met were staying for a few months. We even met some fellow Ontario RV’ers – from Cookstown, ON – who were also full-timing and we shared our stories over a glass of wine… Checking out license plates easily opens up a conversation and I’m proud of our Ontario “ITLLBEOK” plates – which really open up a conversation. I love watching people standing in front of our coach trying to interpret the plates – and when they get it – there’s a smile and a giggle!

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