What’s Cooking in the Coach? Pumpkin!

IMG_1801I LOVE pumpkin!  At anytime?

I think so, but I can’t bring myself to make anything pumpkin at anytime other than Thanksgiving.  And that’s just plain weird.

But this PUMPKIN PECAN COBBLER may be an all year round go-to recipe.  It’s lick the bowl delicious!  It’s also easy to cook in the coach.

I saw it  first on  FOR-Google+badge

Recipe credit:  Lauren’s Latest

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Sometimes we take it all for granted…

Canadian Thanksgiving is my most favourite holiday! It’s a simple holiday that doesn’t wreak havoc on your schedule, your wallet, your diet, your stress levels.  There’s no countless days of planning, shopping, baking, cooking, decorating inside and outside, partying, and wrapping presents. The focus is on great food and good fun shared with family and friends – sometimes, all of which we just take for granted.  Yes, my most favourite holiday!

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