Smooth…sippin’ – JACK

Just 90 minutes out of Nashville in Lynchburg, TN [population 361] is the home of the oldest (1866) registered distillery in the U.S. – Jack Daniels or “Jack” as this smooth sipping whisky is so often referred to.   We planned our route to Cummings, GA. (Atlanta) to include a stop and distillery tour.   On Wednesday, December 2nd the parking lot wasn’t full and there was plenty of space for us to pull in, park the coach and leave the truck hooked up. The pets kept watch as we toured the facility and sipped some Jack.


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Wow – being a tourist is a lot of work!

We’ve spent 5 days in New Orleans, over-nighted 1 night at an Alpaca Farm and now 3 nights in Memphis – and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the blogs that are stacking up.   So today, I’m simply going to summarize the highlights from all 3!

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