Sometimes we take it all for granted…

Canadian Thanksgiving is my most favourite holiday! It’s a simple holiday that doesn’t wreak havoc on your schedule, your wallet, your diet, your stress levels.  There’s no countless days of planning, shopping, baking, cooking, decorating inside and outside, partying, and wrapping presents. The focus is on great food and good fun shared with family and friends – sometimes, all of which we just take for granted.  Yes, my most favourite holiday!

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BEAVERS – Do you really have to love ’em?

Yes, I get that beavers are symbolic and they are the official symbol of Canada since 1975.  And,  you just have to love ‘em if you’re buying an expensive piece of clothing or leather bag branded Roots OR celebrating International Beaver Day on April 7th, OR devouring a sugary, deep fried “Beaver Tail”, OR getting rich saving your Canadian nickels, OR flying the De Havilland Beaver – a single engine bush airplane OR watching Netflix re-runs of “Leave it to Beaver” OR collecting stuffed beavers like “Amik” – the 1976 Montreal summer olympics mascot.  Perhaps you are just as busy as a beaver OR an eager beaver…  Never mind forgetting the plethora of ridiculous, outrageous and inane beaver jokes that have all made us laugh out loud…

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Ontario – no admittance before May 1st!

We’re settling in to our spot at 50 Point Conservation Area & Marina in Winona, ON – between Stoney Creek and Grimsby – perfectly located on the shores of Lake Ontario.   The real reason we’re here is there are so few places in Ontario that are open before May 1st.  50 Point was scheduled to open April 1st but even it was delayed a week due to wet conditions.  Those of us counting our allotment of days in the US might need to spend time in various Walmarts or “drive-way surfing” at friends and family waiting out the weather and park openings.

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