What? Taco in a Bag?

Except for us, the group has since departed. Some were here 3 days, others 1 week and the last couple of RV’s left after 10 days. It’s kinda lonely…

But the memories, especially the foodie memories are still with us. Eating is such a social memorable event. And, such was the case with this caravan. Not every meal was shared with the group but certainly a few unforgettable ones.

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What’s Cooking in the Coach? Pumpkin!

IMG_1801I LOVE pumpkin!  At anytime?

I think so, but I can’t bring myself to make anything pumpkin at anytime other than Thanksgiving.  And that’s just plain weird.

But this PUMPKIN PECAN COBBLER may be an all year round go-to recipe.  It’s lick the bowl delicious!  It’s also easy to cook in the coach.

I saw it  first on  FOR-Google+badge

Recipe credit:  Lauren’s Latest

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What’s Cooking in the Coach? Pasta!


I’m always asked what do you cook in the coach?  Do you cook the same things you did when in the house?  Are you baking?  When are you going to make a carrot cake?

While I don’t make quite the same things, this kitchen has just about everything that we need – only on a smaller scale.  Admittedly, I don’t cook  as much – but, I still love to try new recipes!

  It is fitting that my 1st food recipe post is pasta.  I LOVE PASTA!  Welcome to “What’s Cooking in the Coach?”

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