Everything’s Coming Up Roses [Part 2 of 4]

It takes an army of volunteers to pull off this extravaganza and we really wanted to be part of  it.   We were keen on helping to decorate a float and all those interested from this Rally group participated in the city of Sierra Madre’s 83rd parade entry “I Think I Can”. This float is one of 6 that are “self built” which means that these floats are built entirely on all volunteer and all donation organizations.

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses [Part 1 of 4]

The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA was at the top of our list and when our travels took us to the west coast of Canada the timing was perfect to continue down the coast into California for this New Year’s Day extravaganza.

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Warranty service and a free set-up. Is anything really free?

Junction City, Oregon – population 5,640 – with one of the biggest RV dealers I have ever been to.  The town should actually be named “Guaranty”.  There is the Guaranty RV dealer, Guaranty Human Resources, Guaranty Chevrolet Dealer, Guaranty Used Cars, Guaranty Used RV’s, Guaranty Travel Store, Guaranty Business Centre, Guaranty Used Trucks, Guaranty RV and Truck Body Shop; Guaranty Collision Centre…and more.  We have heard this privately owned company employs approximately 350 locals.  Not bad for this farm area that’s about 90 minutes south of Portland (the largest city) and about 15 miles north of Eugene (the 2nd largest city).

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Step It Up!

This mechanical marvel is equipped with self-levelling steps that automatically adjust for different heights and you simply – open the door and the steps come out (deploy) and close the door and they come in (retract).  When stopped and parked for an extended period there is a switch that leaves the steps deployed.  Very slick when they work…

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