Chasing Sunsets and Farmer’s Markets

We pulled into Paradise by the Sea RV Resort on January 18th and said one night to start and we’ll let you know tomorrow how long we’re staying.  Our initial plan was to stay in San Diego, 34 miles south. We unhooked the truck, set up the coach and took off to check out Mission Bay RV Resort. This San Diego RV Resort is highly recommended by many other RV’ers, however, we’re told you need to book months in advance if you want a spot. We didn’t have a reservation but we wanted to check it out before committing to Oceanside.

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Hangin’ out in Malibu

There’s something sexy about “let’s go to Malibu”.

We stayed 8 nights in a nice RV park right off the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There were a few camping levels as you made your way up the hill and we were on the 1st level – more importantly – away from the edge. I don’t like parking on the edge of a hill – in any vehicle – let alone the coach. It started in Whistler and I’m still not over my fear of ‘tipping the coach’…
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It’s a bitter sweet day…

It’s sad leaving this wonderful RV resort in Indio that we have been in for 3 weeks – a fabulous location, great weather, friendly and outgoing people, plenty of activities to keep us busy all day, new friends and stories to tell.

But, it’s the draw of the open road, the anticipation of the next location, the marvel of new sights and landscapes and meeting people from all over Canada and the USA that are so exciting and sweet!

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Yard Art – in the Desert

Borrego Springs is fast becoming known for its magical menagerie of freestanding life- size sculptures scattered throughout the desert. The sculptures sit on private parcels of land owned by Dennis Avery (the Avery label family) known as Galleta Meadows Estate – and the estate is open to the public. And, if you are not prepared, the sight is startling and amazing.

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Where to Stay?

Provincial parks, national parks, state parks, city parks, private parks, Walmart, casinos, boon docking, fair grounds – so many options – but none so impressive as the “RV Resort”.

We are staying at the Outdoor Resort Indio, described as The Ultimate Motor Coach Resort. There are 2 others in the area that are “more ultimate” if one can believe it!

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Another Rally – Lots to Learn

RV Rally’s are not created equal although they all have so much to offer! There are those that can be described as “an all-inclusive holiday for RV’s” and those described as a “working conference”.

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Everything’s coming up Roses [Part 4 of 4]

This rally wasn’t just about the parade although that would have been enough!  Besides the Get Acquainted Social, float decorating event, Showcase of Floats and the Parade itself there was a lot organized to keep us busy.

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Everything’s coming up Roses [Part 3 of 4]

Parade Day – alarm set for 4:30 am; on the bus at 5:45; bus departed at 6:00; in a traffic jam at 6:30; at our bleacher seats at 7:00; parade started at 8 a.m. Our $95 seats were 1 block down from the tv cameras so you couldn’t see us on tv – but I’m sure you could hear me squeal!

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses [Part 2 of 4]

It takes an army of volunteers to pull off this extravaganza and we really wanted to be part of  it.   We were keen on helping to decorate a float and all those interested from this Rally group participated in the city of Sierra Madre’s 83rd parade entry “I Think I Can”. This float is one of 6 that are “self built” which means that these floats are built entirely on all volunteer and all donation organizations.

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