A Captain and his ‘Family’ Crew

The M.V. Island Bay is a kayak “Mother Ship” that sleeps 5 – 6 guests, carries 6 kayaks, tows a dinghy and is equipped with various salmon and halibut fishing gear and traps for crabs and prawns.  This vessel explores the islands of Haida Gwaii offering its guests a unique outdoor tour adventure. And a tour is only as informative, knowledgeable and professional as its crew and captain.

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A Ferry Tale…

Once upon a time, in a land far away, dreaming of snow capped mountains and oceans and awesome sights and cities in North America was just that – a dream. But, along came a fairy godmother who said, “why don’t you buy a motorhome and see the wondrous sights we have all around us.”  And, our dream came true…  

In the almost three years since we have been travelling, the coach has been on eight ferries – seven of them in British Columbia and one in Nova Scotia. The shortest was on Highway 6 to Vernon, BC (enroute to Kelowna).  The ride was 5 minutes and the cost – free!

We are about to embark on our longest trip on 3 ferries, over 3 days and 2 nights, travelling 390 nautical miles or 721 km’s.  There’s something exciting, romantic and relaxing about travelling this way.   This is our ferry tale adventure story.
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Storm Watching & Surfing – Who Us? Not This Time…

…in beautiful Tofino, BC – a district of about 1,900 residents on the west coast of Vancouver Island. There are miles of sandy beaches – 35km of surf-able beach to be exact. The water is a cool, yet fairly constant 10C/50F, making surfing a year-round activity. Tofino was listed in the world’s Top 50 surf destinations by CNN and named the ‘best surf town’ in North America by Outdoor Magazine in 2010.

However, this isn’t surfing in California or Hawaii.

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Island Hopping – To Salt Spring

Salt Spring Island is somewhere I have always wanted to go to!  I don’t really know why – it just sounded like a neat place, with neat people – and it was!

We went with Alice & Jim (Aunt & Uncle) who split their Vancouver Island residency between their downtown condo in Victoria and their vacation condo in Campbell River.  We took separate cars since they were leaving Salt Spring from Vesuvius to Croften enroute to Campbell River and we would be returning to Victoria via Fulford to Swartz Bay.

Alice & Jim - "let's go for coffee..."
Alice & Jim – “let’s go for coffee…”

Salt Spring Island is the largest (70 square miles/180 square kilometres), most populated (10,500) and, I think, the most popular of the Southern Gulf Islands.

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