We’re on the road November 30th!  One day earlier than our planned December 1st departure and 2 weeks earlier than our original thinking of December 15th.  We realized leaving Ontario on December 15th wasn’t realistic – especially weather wise. In fact, the Toronto park we were in turned off the water on November 18th  – with 2 hours notice – and we had to move!


It’s all about boats!

We left Halifax heading 190 miles to Yarmouth, NS with a short stop in Lunenburg for some lunch and some ‘quick’ sightseeing. The town, seeped in history and beautiful colonial architecture, was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. The historic core of the town is also a National Historic Site of Canada. The Lunenburg shipbuilding yards specialized in fishing schooners – the most famous built in 1921 – The Bluenose.

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Mexico – Just Another Border Crossing

By now, dear blog readers, you know what a phobia I have for border crossings. Be it Canada to USA – USA to Canada – in an airport – a car – and now a motorhome. I empty refrigerators and freezers, liquor cabinets and cupboards. I have all pet papers and passports in hand. I fret. I worry. I’m anxious. We’re going to Mexico?  Really??

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A Giggling Border Crossing – Really?

I’m definitely not as jittery and nervous as I used to be. Just the anticipation of crossing the border rendered all sorts of weird imaginations. We had to practice our stories, make sure our facts were in sync, the fridge empty of all citrus product, the poultry frozen rock hard, all eggs hard-boiled, the liquor cabinet drained, the vet certificates for the dog and cat close at hand and, of course, our passports standing ready at least 24 hours ahead of time. Chuck would always laugh – “honey, they love us at the border”. “Just answer their questions and always tell the truth.” “It will be o.k.” – which always made me mad…

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