We’re Published in Costco!

On April 30th, 2018, I submitted our totem pole blog for Costco Connection’s annual “Great Canadian Road Trips” consideration.

We raised a totem pole!

I didn’t hear anything back – until January 11th, 2019.

Hi Jacqueline,
I’m the editor of the Costco Connection in Canada. We’re compiling our road trip cover story for our May/June (2019) issue, and I really liked your submission about the Totem Pole raising in Masset, BC. You submitted this nearly a year ago. 

I’d love to have one of our freelancers interview you about this experience and anything else you recommend doing in the area. Are you still interested in being featured? If so, could you send me high-res images from the raising ceremony, and/or the totem being made? If you have pics of you and your family there as well, we’d love to consider these for publication.
‘The Editor’

Was I interested? Are you kidding?

So great to hear from you! I’m so glad you liked the submission about the Totem Pole raising in Masset BC and I would love to speak with one of your freelancers about the experience. It was amazing!

If you could give me a heads up as when I could expect this call that would be great. I’ll start culling through photos and reviewing all my notes so that I will be prepared. I guess the more photos you have to choose from the better – right?

Thanks for this offer!

On Monday, January 21st the writer from Montreal called me in Florida and we spoke for about 30 minutes. She said the blog did a great job of covering the actual totem pole raising and she was more interested in what else we did while visiting Masset and the island. I had plenty to say!  Dozens of photos were submitted but few were appropriate.

In conclusion –

Hi Jacquie,
Thanks for your quick response, and for helping us out with all the back and forth on the photos. I think it turned out great!
I definitely want to visit Masset after reading your story.
‘The Editor’

The Costco Connection (Canada) is the largest-circulation magazine in Canada, with more than 2.4 million recipients!   I did not know that!  While your annual membership entitles you to published copies, you can also search and retrieve all issues on-line.  For your reading pleasure – and your convenience – here we are on page 21 of the  May/June 2019 Issue.

Chuck and I are actually heading back to Haida Gwaii – with enroute stops in ‘never before’ Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.   Heading west, our ferry leaves Prince Rupert, BC on May 26th and we arrive in Skidigate on May 27th, 2019.   We’ll  be in Masset for at least one month.  Likely, there’s no totem pole raising but there’s bound to be something just as memorable!

5 thoughts on “We’re Published in Costco!”

  1. Hi: Great article and I really liked the pictures. I really liked the “600 year old cedar” part. Wow, 600 years old! Sure looking forward to seeing you 2 in July.
    Drive safely and keep having fun,
    Mike and Tammie
    PS: I can get extra hard copies from our Costco if you want. M.

  2. Congratulations, Jacquie! I’m not the least bit surprised. Today, an article in Costco; tomorrow, a travel book! Safe travels. Love to you both. Jim and Cuzzin’ Su

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