2018 Travels

Our 4th full year saw the least amount of miles driven and the longest stays in one or more places.   We started the year at the beautiful Riverbend Motorcoach Resort in LaBelle, FL. with stops returning north in Georgia, South Carolina (Hilton Head), North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Ontario.  Heading south at the end of November we were back in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina (Raleigh), South Carolina, and ended the year back where we started – at the beautiful Riverbend in LaBelle, FL.  We’re calling this the snowbird route!

With 97 days in Florida and 216 days in Ontario (total 313 days) that pretty much covers the year!  Bonus alert – fuel costs were down!  

Previous Year’s Travels

Just to compare, 2016 was our biggest driving year yet! [Click on the years below to see that year’s travel maps & stats.]

2017 2016 2015
11,830 mi
19,040 km’s
15,244 mi
24,533 km’s
12,924 mi
20,799 km’s 

Upcoming Travels

Staying parked is not quite the way we like to roll. Travel plans for 2019/2020 are shaping up to be quite different. 

We have reservations for 2 weeks at an RV Park adjacent to Yellowstone National Park starting May 1st – opening day of the RV Park.  That’s 2,500 miles / 4,023 km’s from our spot in Florida! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that both the spring thaw and the US Government ‘shut show’ won’t delay our arrival!

We’ll cross into Canada in Alberta and hope to get back into British Columbia (including Masset) for a bit.  We’ll return to Ontario for the summer.

We’re planning to attend the Newmar International Rally in Syracuse NY at the end of September followed by a visit to Boston. Returning to Ontario for Christmas is on the agenda and will be a winter adventure – one of which we have never experienced before!

Travel plans for the winter of 2020 will take us back out west where we’ll spend more time in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and possibly Mexico.

Ambitious plans? You bet! But, we’re always open to changing direction. Where do you want us to go?

One thought on “FINALLY SNOWBIRDS!”

  1. Hi guys, what an amazing read, you are so talented and I’m glad you are otherwise we’d never know how exciting your trips and the years that you’ve been enjoying them are. Very interesting specs too.
    Your 2019/20 sounds like more great adventures in store for all of us…safe travels and look forward to hearing more….
    By the way, I’m still jealous, lol…love to ALL, the Crawfords

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