Getting to know Hilton Head

We had never been to Hilton Head before and we were excited to explore some new ground.  What I didn’t know until we got there!

#1) The island is in the shape of a shoe or a foot.  I never knew that!

#2) I don’t remember knowing Hilton Head was an island and was so surprised when we crossed the bridge from the mainland! I knew about the place but just thought it was a South Carolina picturesque coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean. There’s also a toll bridge on the Cross Island Expressway that costs $1.25/car every time you cross it – in either direction. The coach and truck together cost us $4.50.

#3) This area is also referred to as “Lowcountry” which does not mean “friends in low places”… Lowcountry refers to the coastal region of South Carolina, generally extending from Charleston to the Georgia border.

Low country speak includes the “low country boil”. This is a local one-pot dish of fresh shrimp, yellow corn, sausage and potatoes – best served on newspaper for easy clean up. It is also referred to as “frogmore stew” (no frogs included)!

We actually enjoyed our 1st low country boil at Riverbend (LaBelle, FL) in February –

#4 )  Near Hilton Head, there’s a beautiful coastal town named Beaufort – not to be confused with the beautiful, North Carolina coastal town named Beaufort. Except one is not like the other! We had to ask how “Beaufort” is pronounced and this is what we learned.

The Beaufort of South Carolina is “BEW – ferd” (as in “beautiful”). The Beaufort of coastal North Carolina is “BOW – fert” (as in “bow & arrow”).

SO – which is it?  Beaufort or Beaufort?  Now I will always have to stop and think about it before I say the name out loud!

#5) We had often heard that you could “bike clear across the island” and this is so true. With more than 13 miles of hard-packed sandy beaches and more than 100 miles of flat, paved bike trails it was the perfect way to explore the 42 square miles of semi-tropical geography. We carry our bikes with us but if you don’t have your own bike there are bike rental companies on nearly every corner!

This island is a non-stop adventure with its water sports, golf courses, bike trails, historic plantations and restaurants.  Easter week/spring break was pretty busy – it must be really crowded in the summer …








5 thoughts on “Getting to know Hilton Head”

  1. I didn’t know you were going to be there so long or I would have worked it out for you to meet our friend Kathy Lee. She lives just across that toll bridge you spoke about; though you have to go up a bit and work your way back to get to her place. You would have had such a great time with her! The “Beaufort” thing made me laugh as Connie and I argue about this all the time. (In jest) She says, “It’s BEW as in BEAUTIFUL” I say, “No, It’s BOW as in BEAU”. It’s French. Sandlappers rarely know what they are talking about. 😉 This is also where we honeymooned. I started calling it “Redneck Italy” because it was shaped like a basketball shoe instead of a boot.

    1. We had booked for a week and then extended the reservation for 4 more nights – it was that great! The BEW/BEAU is more confusing now that I know there is a difference. It could also be a golf shoe – that would be more apropos (it’s French)… I’ve never heard of “sandlappers” before. Something new again!

  2. Whenever I think of Beaufort, I remember dinner with Aunt Dorothy. Then, I think of Aunt Dot.
    Then I remember, after a Myrtle Beach Adventure with my AD, almost-dining there again.
    Thank you, Jacqueline and Chuck, for sharing your adventures with us all.
    Thanks, especially, for enJOYing every BEACH some for me. AND WE!
    PS: Best. Photograph. Ever. Thanks for that, too.

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