1000 Days and What That Means

When we sold our house and picked up our coach on June 28th, 2014 we didn’t even think about what 1000 days on the road would look like or where we would go. We just did it! Today we have officially been on the road “full time” for 1000 days and the reality has been far more grand than either of us imagined.  But, what does it mean?

This is what 1000 days looks like!
[The #’s in the marker dots signify the number of locations in that area.]
We have camped at 233 places and towed the pick-up truck 41,000 miles. We love that we can pick up and go on a whim or stay longer if we so choose. I love that Chuck loves to do the planning and map out the routes!

It’s not entirely about the places we’ve been – although that’s a bonus! But, it’s the family and friends we connect and re-connect with along the way.  I’m learning to be patient and calm in the face of mechanical adversity.  We’re realizing that just about everything can be done on-line. It’s the fun of exploring and getting the ‘lay of the land’ in each new location. Our life is no longer about “stuff” – it’s about living simpler.  It’s about being each others best friend and trusting each other.  And, it’s knowing, with absolute certainty, that Chuck can fix anything!

It’s not always sunshine and lollipops either.  I’ve cried and we’ve been really, really angry and frustrated with each other. My palms still get sweaty when we pull into a gas station! We have broken down twice.  The washing machine has been replaced and the side of our coach has seen the inside of a body shop. It’s about missing family birthdays – especially the grandchildren.

The next 1000 day milestone will be on December 19, 2019 and, God willing, we’ll be right here to let you know what that means.

















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