2016 – Our Biggest Travel Year Yet!

When we 1st revealed our travel plans for 2016 I very naively admitted that we were going to take it slow and easy and stay in places long enough that we don’t simply scratch the surface but get to ‘dig deep – really deep’. Well, we started out the 1st 3 months doing just that – driving a total of 880 Mi / 1,416 Km and staying 4 weeks in beautiful Oceanside, CA and 7 weeks in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. From there it went ‘downhill, uphill and sideways’ – one might say!

2016 was our biggest travel year yet!  More distance – more locations – and more memories!

A total of 15,244 Mi / 24,533 Km and just more of the stats –

It is impossible to cover all this ground in pictures so, here’s just some of the highlights –

One might ask – are we done yet?  And our instant response – ‘not a chance!  We’re just scratching the surface’.

Our initial 2017 plans have us exploring Florida; hitting Mardi Gras; attending an FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) Rally in Chandler, AZ, a meet-up in Las Vegas, NV, more of Utah, Oregon and Washington States and returning to Canada via British Columbia.  More ferry rides and family visits.

Just more distance, more incredible locations and more unforgettable memories!

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