“BBB” [Back in Blog Business]!

Yes, we’re here in Florida!

The 1st time in this ‘humid & hot state’ since we bought the coach in June, 2014.  We spent Christmas and New Year’s in Naples, FL with family from Barrie, Boston, Tara & Toronto.

AND, the blog has been corrupt and unavailable all this time – until just NOW!  I finally figured out the problem – BUT, I’m not really sure what I did!

Such a love/hate relationship with computers and software that I have!    Many times I was ready to give up but I’d take a look at some of the previous blog posts and be downright proud of them and disappointed that I wasn’t able to continue.

We’re in Tampa at the 2017 Florida RV Super Show.  There are hundred’s (and hundred’s) of RV’s on display and it’s mind boggling and overwhelming to have to consider all the options available and make a purchasing decision!

I’m so glad we still LOVE our beautiful 2014 Newmar Mountain Aire.

June, 2014 – Grand Rapids, MI (picking up the coach)

Stay tuned – we’re back in blog business (fingers crossed)…





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