We’re on the road November 30th!  One day earlier than our planned December 1st departure and 2 weeks earlier than our original thinking of December 15th.  We realized leaving Ontario on December 15th wasn’t realistic – especially weather wise. In fact, the Toronto park we were in turned off the water on November 18th  – with 2 hours notice – and we had to move!

In the end, we were SO ready to leave on the 30th. We had taken care of all doctor/dentist/hair appointments, shopped for Canadian items not available in the US (KRAFT peanut butter), said good-byes to family AND we were watching the weather! Actually, leaving on the 30th put us 24 hours ahead of the snow that was being forecast on the I-90 corridor from Buffalo to Erie.

Now our travel blog wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t recount our exciting border crossings! You all know that border crossings make me crazy but I think I’m getting a little more comfortable – or is it complacent?

And, this one went like this…

Creeping very slowly up the narrow lane to the US customs kiosk at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, NY we handed over our passports and –

HIM: Hello! Where are you headed?
CHUCK: Florida!
HIM: How long you going to be gone for?
CHUCK: We’ll be back in Canada early April.
HIM: I need to come on board.
CHUCK: Sure – come on in.
HIM: Coming in and patting the dog… I’d like to see the bathrooms.
JACQUIE: O.K. – here’s the 1/2 bathroom.

Opening the door – he looks in.

Anyone in here?
Anyone in here?

HIM: O.K. – as he looks beyond the bedroom towards the rear full bathroom.


JACQUIE: You have to crawl over the bed to get back there.

HIM: Is anyone in there?

JACQUIE: Noooooo!

He turns around, leaves the coach, goes back to his kiosk to retrieve our passports and handing them back says have a good trip!

Geesh – what the heck was that all about?

We’re taking 3 weeks to get to our Christmas and New Year’s destination with a half a dozen planned stops along the way. First BIG stop is Washington, DC where we’re at right now. Following DC, our stops include Colonial Williamsburg, VA., a Christmas Party in Christianburg, VA, a family get together in Raleigh, NC., a service stop in Gaffney, SC., a tourist stop in Savannah, GA, another service stop in Fort Myers, FL. with our final destination in Naples, FL. where we’ll meet up with family for Christmas.

This is our 1st time ever in Washington and we’re here for a few days to scout out the city’s offerings in advance of an extended stay being planned for the fall of ’17.  Our favourite ‘tourist thing to do’ is the Hop-On Hop-Off double decker bus tours. Tickets are good for 24 hours and in that time we did the Patriot Red Loop Tour (22 stops) considered the official tour of the National Mall including National Memorials, Monuments and the White House.  We always find the tours entertaining, fun and very informative –

Did you know that in D.C., there’s 1 lawyer for every 19 people! Apparently not all of them practicing…

One could say that early December may not be the best time to explore, but I think this off-season might be just about perfect.  The weather is chilly but you dress for it.  The tour buses were not full and the streets and sidewalks were not crowded with tourists.  With the exception of the recently opened National Museum of African American History, which is sold out through March ’17, all other museums had no line-ups with no requirement for advanced timed passes.  The restaurants were not crowded and plenty of parking was available.  And, we took public transit (buses and Metro) which were not crowded either.  And, beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere!

Checking in at Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, MD we asked – what happened to the December winter rate discounts offered on your website?

Oh, there’s an inauguration coming up soon and we’re not offering discounts right now!  And, we’re just about sold out for the inauguration festivities!

Yes, they are getting ready for the inauguration with seating and scaffolding already being erected at The Capital.


This is an amazing city and one simply cannot do it justice in just a few days.   This scouting mission was a success – we’re coming back with a full agenda already planned out!


  1. Hi Jacquie I’m still enjoying following your blog. You and Chuck really seem to be having a wonderful journey in life. I had to laugh at your taking Kraft Peanut butter to the States. We do also, as it is Les’ favourite. However, we are now flying to AZ so have to pack carefully. I did a taste test with him comparing Jiff and Kraft. You won’t believe this but he chose Jiff!! Brian my SIL and your old neighbour on Hertfordshire saw you driving along Dundas the other day near Canadian Tire. Safe travels. Helen McInnis

    1. I did the same taste test with Chuck and he picked Kraft. We’re too old to switch brands now! We’re going to be in Chandler, AZ the beginning of March attending a rally. You guys still going to be in AZ then?

    1. We did! One afternoon in the Portrait Museum and the next afternoon in the American History Museum. We have our list ready for our next visit – likely next October.

  2. Very smart idea to leave when you did:) Washington, DC is a fantastic place. We use to live just 90 mins north. We made many, many day trips to ride our bikes around and visit an attraction. Visiting just one museum during a day trip made it much nicer for the kids. There is a fantastic bike path that goes from DC 16 miles to Mt Vernon. The bike path goes around the Reagan National Airport and you can sit at the end of the runway and watch the place land or take off right over your head. The bike path also takes you through downtown Alexandria, VA which is a neat town. It is so much easier to bike around than try to drive. You can take bikes on the metro from the RV Park. Safe travels to Florida:) We have a few blog posts on Gaffney and Savannah if you could some ideas.

  3. Hi Jacquie Yes, we are going back down to AZ early January and will stay till April 25th. Please get in touch with us either by email or my cell at 905-467-1243. Merry Christmas and safe travels.

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