‘Mean Machines’ in Mexico

There is no lack of ‘mean machines’ in this area. Whether they are in flight or ‘dustin’ through the desert it’s a cacophony of sound – usually loud, very loud and dusty, very dusty. And it was never more obvious than this past holiday long-weekend known as Semana Santa (Holy Week).

Hundreds of Mexicans poured into Peurta Peñasco for the long weekend – many by bus or piled into cars and the back of pick-up trucks, loaded with camping gear and coolers and all ready to camp on the beach and even more ready to party! Unfortunately, banned fireworks were the hit of the weekend (day & night) and Gracie didn’t like it one bit! We now have a very anxious puppy when she hears that 1st whistle when they’re ignited.

We were warned about the weekend’s antics and we heard countless stories about how bad it could be/would be. Well, I’m pleased to report that it wasn’t bad at all. Obviously lots of people, noise and dust – but heh it’s a celebration! There were plenty of emergency vehicles standing guard and patrolling the streets and beaches which was both alarming and comforting.



Shortly after we arrived the  Rocky Mountain Aero Squadron  from Colorado landed with their acro paragliders. They apparently perform in air shows and they were here in Mexico to holiday and practice. They kept us entertained with their acrobatics and beach flights for the 1st few days but the novelty wore off. They are also loud, very loud.






Ultra lights are everywhere and for USD $40 you too can fly over the beach and surrounding area for the next 20 minutes. There were four of them this past weekend – taking off and landing just up the road – and they were busy non-stop.



The real ‘machines’ around here though are the ATV’s; sand rails; dune buggy’s; trucks and jeeps outfitted with really wide tires.  Ay Caramba – they are EVERYWHERE!

They are allowed on the streets so they’re passing you on the left and right.   They drive off the road into the sandy shoulders leaving you in a cloud of dust and then they jump back on the road just up ahead of you. They’re racing; skidding; passing; climbing hills and dipping into valleys.  Did I mentioned they are EVERYWHERE?  It looked like the legal driving age started at 16 but in this RV park kids a lot younger were driving up and down the streets. ATV rentals are on every corner but most of the campers in this RV park (from Arizona and California) owned their own dune buggy’s and trailered them behind their RV’s; 5th wheels or trucks. Some of them are really souped up and I couldn’t help but feel I was on the set of Mad Max!




And what’s a screamin’ machine without a hill to race up and down! Some on a dare – and others just because they can…and they did… This weekend they charged you USD $2/person to drive up and down – and there was a steady stream of vehicles even after the sun set. The pics below are before the long weekend. 




Of course there’s the calmer side of travel – and what better than horse back riding on a beach. Horses make their daily trek to the beach and sit and wait for riders. The ride is short and easy and is available during the day or an easy sunset stroll.



We can safely say – we survived 2016 Spring Break AND Semana Santa in Mexico.  AND, if we lived in Arizona we would just have to own one of those crazy mean sand machines!

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  1. WOWWWWWWW aren’t they the coolest looking rigs…yep you’re right I think you’d have to have some type of machine, looks like fun…So I take it you guys did not partake in ANY of the thrills? I know I sure couldn’t and wouldn’t…. Glad there were NO issues except noise and dust…xo

  2. I was just going to ask the same thing Sue did – did you go on a sunset horseback stroll? Or race around in the sand? Or fly on those “Ultra lights”?

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