What? Taco in a Bag?

Except for us, the group has since departed. Some were here 3 days, others 1 week and the last couple of RV’s left after 10 days. It’s kinda lonely…

But the memories, especially the foodie memories are still with us. Eating is such a social memorable event. And, such was the case with this caravan. Not every meal was shared with the group but certainly a few unforgettable ones.

The 1st night was a delicious fish fry. There were 8 of us and enough fish to feed another 8. There was roasted salmon, grilled halibut and beer battered fried fish. The fish had travelled from Alaska!

Another night was liver and onions and all the fixins’ for the entire group (22 people). Bacon, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus – and chicken – for half the group of non-liver eaters. Interestingly, every couple had 1 person who didn’t eat liver – mostly the women!

Another night was roasted and smoked prime rib! With rosemary roasted potatoes, asparagus, horseradish cream sauce. Again for the entire group. Randy & Marilyn (from Idaho) own and operate a meat market and had brought all the meat with them. Hmmm, I’m glad they didn’t get the memo about not bringing meat across the border…

BUT, the most unforgettable was a group lunch featuring “Taco in a Bag”. I had no idea how this was going to happen and was pleasantly surprised.

Here’s the instructions for your next Taco in a Bag Party!

  1. Lay out your table with all of your Taco toppings. Seasoned ground beef, refried beans, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, olives, grated cheeses, salsa, hot sauce, jalapenos, sour cream. Whatever you like – whatever you want!IMG_0146
  2. Start with a single serving size bag of Nachos (your favourite flavour). Crunch the bag a little to break the chips into bite size pieces. Trim the side edge of the bag (with scissors) to create a pouch.IMG_0145
  3. Move down the table – filling your bag with your favourite Taco toppings. Shake the bag and/or stir and enjoy! If you prefer to load it onto a plate go for it, but the bag is perfect!

IMG_0148 IMG_0150
Wash it all down with a pitcher or 2 of margaritas – or a bucket of Coronas – and what a hit your next party will be! Just like this one was…


3 thoughts on “What? Taco in a Bag?”

  1. Wow, the Tacos in a Bag sounds like a great idea, and I’m getting hungry just thinking about delicious they must’ve been.
    Me xo

  2. Mmmmm looks delishious and no dishes to wash. Sounds like a great group of RVers.
    Nice pics.
    Hugs. Mom

  3. You haven’t had little kids for a while. This is a staple at every hockey arena I have gone to for the past 10-15 years. It’s a common fundraiser for our annual United Way campaign. Apparently many of the schools in our area have ‘Taco Tuesdays’ featuring tacos in a bag. They are way better than I thought they would be and with some Frank’s hot sauce I inhale the buggers in about 2 seconds! Aye carumba!

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