Chasing Sunsets and Farmer’s Markets

We pulled into Paradise by the Sea RV Resort on January 18th and said one night to start and we’ll let you know tomorrow how long we’re staying.  Our initial plan was to stay in San Diego, 34 miles south. We unhooked the truck, set up the coach and took off to check out Mission Bay RV Resort. This San Diego RV Resort is highly recommended by many other RV’ers, however, we’re told you need to book months in advance if you want a spot. We didn’t have a reservation but we wanted to check it out before committing to Oceanside.

Way too often we call ahead and hear –  sorry, we’re all booked up. Ha, we’ll take our chances and we either arrive in the RV or drive over to check out the park and are often told we just had a cancellation! Voila [french for the southern ‘wha-la‘] – we have a site available! And, such was exactly the case at Mission Bay.  It is amazing how often this happens.

We’re glad we checked it out. As it turns out we didn’t like the site they were offering. It was long enough but had too much of a slope. With the coach level the front wheels would have been off the ground – which we don’t like.  I can’t help but think it would feel like a teeter-totter…

We drove back to Oceanside – we’ll stay to January 25th  – 1 week please.

Paradise-by-the-SeaThis RV park has 75 sites, is very well taken care of, and – is a short walking distance to the beach, to a beach front cappuccino/coffee stand and to an impressive Mexican food market “Primo Market”. It has a pool and hot tub; one of the nicest laundry rooms we have ever been in, a dog walking park, a meditation garden, a picnic area and is surrounded by shops, restaurants and beach houses.   Nestled between the quaint towns of Oceanside and Carlsbad – on the Pacific Ocean – it’s a PERFECT location for walking and biking.

We also LOVE Oceanside or O’side as the locals call it! It’s one of the prettiest California beach towns we’ve been in! Lots of public access to the beach; free in-town parking; bike trails everywhere; tons of restaurants, brew pubs, coffee shops and surf stores. The pier, at 1,954 ft., is one of the longest wooden piers on the West Coast, the marina has slips for hundreds of boats, beach houses are well-kept, communities are NOT gated and my favourite walking street is Cleveland, north of Pier View with its beautiful succulent gardens. There are also barber shops on nearly every corner (many open 24 hours…) thanks to Camp Pendleton Marine base located nearby.

O'side Marina


IMG_9820Chasing sunsets is the 1st phenomenon.   On any given day, the beach access spots are full of people, cars are stopped at the side of the road, the pier is crowded and cameras and smart phones everywhere are capturing the moment. We have seen the sunset walking to Buccaneer Park, driving to the pier and standing in front of the RV. We’ve seen the sunset on a clear blue sky day, on a cloudy day and in the rain and wind. AND, good news – the days are getting longer! When we first arrived the sun set at 5:08 p.m. – tonight it’s setting at 5:25 p.m.IMG_9771The 2nd phenomenon is the superabundance of certified farmer’s markets that operate every day, except Monday’s, in more than 25 locations throughout San Diego County. More than 2.6 million people live in this County, and more than 6,000 farmers call it home and make their living on small family farms, 65 percent of which are nine or fewer acres in size. The high cost of land and water (more than $600/acre foot) make farming here expensive and encourage growers to raise products with a high dollar value per acre.

Where does San Diego County rank nationally?

  • More small farms (less than 10 acres) than any other county
  • #1 producer of avocados
  • #1 producer of nursery crops
  • #1 in number of part-time farmers
  • #2 in acres of guavas, pomegranates, limes, and macadamias
  • #2 in farms with women as principal operator
  • #3 in honey production
  • #5 in lemons
  • #9 in strawberries
  • #10 in egg-laying hens

We’ve been to markets in Carlsbad, Vista and here in Oceanside – which boasts 2 markets every Thursday – the Farmer’s Market in the morning and the Sunset Market in the evening.

At the Farmer’s Market the organic produce is beautiful and plentiful; strawberries the sweetest I have ever eaten; artisan breads to die for and such a vast variety of hummus and dips that we can’t choose just 1 – so we come home with 4!IMG_9608Farmer's Market #1[revise]Farmer's Market #2 [revised]The Sunset Market is like 1 giant food court offering food of all nationalities and with free samples!  There’s dishes from India, Thailand and Poland; there’s Creme Brûlée, Beignets and giant chocolate covered strawberries. There’s salmon roasting on open fires, BBQ pulled pork, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and varieties of tamales.  There’s organic, gluten free, fat free… something for everyone. And – entertainment. It’s a wonderful street fair full of sights and smells!IMG_1220Sunset Market #1

Sunset Market #2

Back at the RV office:  1 more week, please – to February 1st.  O.K. – but if you’re thinking about staying longer you can’t stay beyond February 6th. We have a 1 month reservation for your site coming in that day.

Back at the RV office – again:  We’d like to stay to February 6th and I think we owe you some more money.  You’re in luck – we had a cancellation but you HAVE  to leave on the 13th. AND, we won’t charge you any more money since you’ve already paid the equivalent of the monthly rate…

AND, that was phenomenon #3!

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  1. Great Post Mom!!

    Salivating over the pit roasted salmon.
    Phenomenon #3, simply amazing. Don’t know of that kind of honesty anywhere. Glad you love it there and are lucking out with all the cancellations.


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