Mexico – The Reef RV Park

Located 20 minutes from all of the action in Puerto Peñasco is The Reef RV Park (SEE bottom left hand corner in red) which boasts the largest spaces in town.    After checking out the other two competitive RV parks, we agree. The picture below shows a cruise ship on the Sea of Cortez and, yes, while a dock and sea harbour are under construction it all started in 2008 and appears to be no where near completion.

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Mexico – Just Another Border Crossing

By now, dear blog readers, you know what a phobia I have for border crossings. Be it Canada to USA – USA to Canada – in an airport – a car – and now a motorhome. I empty refrigerators and freezers, liquor cabinets and cupboards. I have all pet papers and passports in hand. I fret. I worry. I’m anxious. We’re going to Mexico?  Really??

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Chasing Sunsets and Farmer’s Markets

We pulled into Paradise by the Sea RV Resort on January 18th and said one night to start and we’ll let you know tomorrow how long we’re staying.  Our initial plan was to stay in San Diego, 34 miles south. We unhooked the truck, set up the coach and took off to check out Mission Bay RV Resort. This San Diego RV Resort is highly recommended by many other RV’ers, however, we’re told you need to book months in advance if you want a spot. We didn’t have a reservation but we wanted to check it out before committing to Oceanside.

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