‘Cuzzins’, Kenwood & Pizza – in Chicago!

Chuck has relatives in Chicago and it was an easy 3 hour drive from our Newmar service stop in Nappanee. It had also been a couple of years since we were last there and it was definitely time to pass through again.

Our home base was the Hollywood Casino in Joliet, IL, housing a large casino, hotel and RV park. We had 50Amp service but the water had been shut off for the winter. That’s o.k. – we can manage for a few days with our 105 gallon fresh water tank. The location was approximately an hour from down town Chicago and 30 minutes from where most of them live.

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A Giggling Border Crossing – Really?

I’m definitely not as jittery and nervous as I used to be. Just the anticipation of crossing the border rendered all sorts of weird imaginations. We had to practice our stories, make sure our facts were in sync, the fridge empty of all citrus product, the poultry frozen rock hard, all eggs hard-boiled, the liquor cabinet drained, the vet certificates for the dog and cat close at hand and, of course, our passports standing ready at least 24 hours ahead of time. Chuck would always laugh – “honey, they love us at the border”. “Just answer their questions and always tell the truth.” “It will be o.k.” – which always made me mad…

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What’s Cooking in the Coach? Pumpkin!

IMG_1801I LOVE pumpkin!  At anytime?

I think so, but I can’t bring myself to make anything pumpkin at anytime other than Thanksgiving.  And that’s just plain weird.

But this PUMPKIN PECAN COBBLER may be an all year round go-to recipe.  It’s lick the bowl delicious!  It’s also easy to cook in the coach.

I saw it  first on  FOR-Google+badge

Recipe credit:  Lauren’s Latest

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