Giving and accepting – compliments!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.45.08 PMWe all beam and bask in the glory of a compliment but often we downplay them –

“It’s really not my best”
“This old thing?”
“Do you really think so?”
“It tasted better the 1st time I made it”

Nothing like shooting the messenger!

Today, I’m going to compliment those blogs that educated, entertained, inspired and motivated us to start RV’ing – and keep travelling.

Nikki and Jason are a young working couple,  have been on the road for a few years and author an enthusiastic blog Gone With The Wynns.  They are quirky, fun, stylish, adventurous and energetic. They have the ear of certain RV manufacturers and are lobbying for change in RV function, style and affordability. Their photos are beautiful, their videos fun and informative – and you never know where they’re going to be next. Just before I retired 2 years ago I was having a conversation with someone about RV’ing. He said check out Gone with the Wynn’s – you’ll love ‘em!   I did then and I still do and yes, I love them!

Nina and Paul are a young retired couple and have been on the road since early 2010. Nina eloquently authors the WheelingIt! blog and Paul authors his own blog Investing For A Living. They have a huge following and I definitely see an RV book (or series of books) in Nina’s future. Her blogs are so educational and informative and beautifully written. And, she never hesitates in giving her readers “how to” instructions. More importantly, her photos are awe inspiring! They are so, SO beautiful. There is never a blog that goes by that I don’t ask myself  how the heck did she get that shot!

Cherie and Chris are a young working couple, on the road since 2006. Their current RV is a beautiful vintage bus that they have been renovating and updating. This summer they undertook a HUGE renovation project that finally… ended well. Cherie and Chris are the technical gurus with expertise on staying connected on the road, solar installations and RVing gear, hence their blog Technomadia.  They  have developed a few Apps and have even written a book.  Our copy has dog-earred pages throughout! IMG_7750They are definitely expanding their involvement in the RV world – speaking engagements at Rally’s, conducting mobile internet advising calls, and hosting live video chats.  The next video chat topic will be “Free and Cheap RV Camping Options” and we’re in!  Their love story is pretty amazing also!

Amanda and Tim are a young working couple, on the road for 1231 days.   They travel in a beautiful 25’ Airstream and are frequently updating and renovating their home. They frequent state parks and beautiful boon docking locations. Amanda generously shares her park reviews, recipes, beautiful photos and family and friend get-togethers in her blog  Watson’s Wander.  They both work during the day so their touring adventures begin in the early evening and on weekends – and they can pack it in. They are avid hikers, cyclists and recently acquired his and her kayaks!

Jess and Sam are a young working couple – with 3 children – travelling in an Airstream – with 5 bicycles – and have been on the road for 658 days. Their last name is “Curren” – hence the clever blog name Currently Wandering.  They also frequent state and national parks (their children have recently earned their 75th National Park Junior Ranger badge). Jess is a wonderful photographer and her blog is beautifully laid out. They are adventurous and active and hungry to share the outdoor adventures with their kids – yet so humble. I’m in awe of them and everything they do. An amazing family!  I don’t remember what state we were in when we passed them on the highway last winter (I think it was Arizona; Chuck thinks it was California). They had their website stamped on the back of their airstream and I immediately checked it out. Her comment back – Thanks for the shout out!  I’ve been following them ever since.

It’s amazing this blogging world. We know a lot more about these people than some of our closest friends and family. We know what they read, wear, their favourite activities and how much they spend.   We know about their relationships and their family dynamics. We know the foods they like to eat and cook and their beverage of choice.  I guess it’s like being a rockstar – or a famous Hollywood actor! I often refer to my friends “Nina”, “Nikki”, “Jess”, “Cherie” and “Amanda” when I’m recounting their stories. Have I actually met my friends? Not yet! But, they do feel like friends, good RVing friends.

Thanks guys! You really have inspired, motivated and entertained us and we hope to see you on the road!

Everyone else – get out there and sincerely compliment someone.  More importantly, accept the compliment graciously.  A simple thank-you will suffice…

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