“Open House” – Coach Style

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We get asked so many questions about this that I thought it time to invite you to tour our coach – both open for living and ready for travel.  Come on in!


It’s difficult to get into the bathroom when we’re travelling – but, it can be done with some wiggling and climbing over the bed.   Rarely, however, do we need to get back there when we’re on the road.  This room is easily  “road ready”:

  • shower seat down
  • shower door locked
  • towel holder tucked in the corner
  • toilet seat down
  • counter top cleared off and packed into the sink
  • all drawers and cupboards securely closed


The bed is our travelling storage place! Anything on the floor (the decorating items) get piled up on the bed:

  • steering wheel table
  • leather storage cube
  • side table (if we’re going a short distance)
  • pet beds
  • framed photos (behind the pillows)



Getting this room “road ready” is so simple:

  • toilet seat down
  • counter top cleared off and packed into the sink
Travelling in the sink
Travelling in the sink


Except for things that rattle and roll we don’t move a lot from here:

  • lemons in the sink
  • microwave emptied of racks and plates which are then stored between cushions
  • fridge locked
  • pet bowls and garbage off the floor
  • laptops in the drawer
  • kitty litter snug under the kitchen table
  • all drawers and cupboards securely closed


Front to rear view
Rear to front view
Rear to front view

The sofas are also used for “travelling” storage and by the time we get to our final destination they can be pretty cluttered when dumped with jackets, sweaters, maps, RV camping books, laptops, shoes, etc.

Most important task in this room is the stowing of the satellite dish and/or antenna. We’ve heard countless number of stories of these being “whacked” off when travelling so there’s usually “reminder” sticky notes around the coach.


Now it’s time to bring in the slides – the 1st is the bedroom. The full wall slide (on the driver’s side) is the next one to come in. Chuck can then easily empty the grey and black tanks, unhook the water, electricity and sewer connections without hitting his head! Before he disconnects the electricity we pull in the 3rd and final kitchen slide. Plugged in to shore power while operating the slides gives the motors an extra boost making it easier on the motor drivers. We always travel with a full fresh water tank (max @ 105 gallons) – even though some people feel this is too much extra weight. This mechanical marvel can easily handle it!

Bedroom slide is in - bed is tucked right under the cabinets
Bedroom slide is in – bed is tucked right under the cabinets
Full wall slide is in - tucked in right behind the driver's seat
Full wall slide is in – tucked in right behind the driver’s seat
Kitchen slide in - tucked in behind the passenger seat
Kitchen slide in – tucked in behind the passenger seat


With all slides in it’s time to bring up the 4 levelling/stabalizing jacks and once the “travel mode” light is on I can start the engine. It takes a few minutes to build up the air pressure in the brakes and until we hear the “psssshhhh” sound we’re not going anywhere. We usually take this time to do a walk around and final check.


Gracie and Freddie are ready to go also!


Once we’re ready to go we then pull out and if space is available we hook up the truck right at the site. Occasionally we drive separately if we need to get fuel and then we find an empty parking lot to hook up in.

We have the Blue Ox towing system installed on the coach and it takes about 10 minutes to complete the hook-up. Once Chuck is done the hook up I then put the truck in neutral and engage the neutral towing. We then safety check the signal and brake lights on both the coach and truck.

VERY IMPORTANT – ensure the truck ignition key is turned to the last stop position (without turning off).   I can speak from experience! We landed in Kamloops, BC in the pouring rain, a dead truck battery and no booster cables!  Thankfully, we were able to borrow some cables and jump start the batteries.  The next day we owned our own set of booster cables – which are still brand new!  I won’t do that again!


And that is pretty much our “getting ready” routine.  While I usually prep the inside of the coach, Chuck is outside mounting the bike rack & bicycles, packing up the outside chairs & tables, pulling up the “yard art” and emptying tanks.  It’s amazing what 10 months on the road does – we’ve got it down pat!


7 thoughts on ““Open House” – Coach Style”

  1. Very nice chapter. Brought it all back. Still looks beautiful. Thanks from beautiful Campbell River, B.C. See you soon.

  2. Hi Jacquie and Chuck, Thank you so much for this “tour” and open house. You really answered all of my questions and love the pictures so I can really see how it looks with all the slides in. Truly amazing! Happy trails. Love, Su

  3. love this!! can I “steal” for my FB blog??? (of course just the concept, not the photos or specific details since mine are a little different!)

  4. Very nice piece on how you guys get it all together! How long does the whole process take? Is it faster opening it all up, or closing it all down? You know, I am a visual learner, so my comprehension of the whole process would better if I were there. Just saying…

    Miss you guys! Write again soon, I love traveling with you!

    Jacquie, you really should write a book, you have a gift!

  5. Well this is GREAT!!! You make it sound soooo easy and you sure sound like you’ve got it down pat. Very informative and interesting especially for those who might think it a difficult process. A checklist and being organized is key.
    Thanks for this piece of RV living, so

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