Wow – being a tourist is a lot of work!

We’ve spent 5 days in New Orleans, over-nighted 1 night at an Alpaca Farm and now 3 nights in Memphis – and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the blogs that are stacking up.   So today, I’m simply going to summarize the highlights from all 3!

New Orleans [Bayou Segnette State Park]

Bourbon Street:  Booze, Beads, Voodoo and everyone’s got an act…


...and this guy did really well!
…and this guy did really well!


Historic Garden District Walking Tour

…cemetery, cobble stone sidewalks, and Sandra Bullock’s house…


5 days of St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans

…imbibing green beer and $3 fuzzy leprechauns, gawking at saucy green shoes and shamrock leggings…

Sharing a table at Pat O’Brien’s Irish Pub – ready and willing to strike a pose!


Just a few – in their finest…

and, sadly, nursing an infestation of burns and bites from angered fire ants at our 1st State Park visit!  Poor Chuck, he stepped into an ant hill while hooking up and when we looked around there were ant hills everywhere!

A Stroka Gene-us Alpacas & General Store [Stringer, Mississippi]

Another Harvest Host location – alpacas, angora goats, roosters, hens, guineas and 4 great white pyrenees.  The cost:  a pair of alpaca socks for Chuck and some vanilla lavender goat’s milk soap for me and Gracie got some new sniffs!

And now Memphis

…historic rock & roll and rhythm & blues on Beale Street, iconic Graceland and Elvis memorabilia and music everywhere and, very possibly, a serious challenger to North Carolina BBQ…

The heartrending Civil Rights Museum – an absolutely amazing “must see” in Memphis.  We spent 5 hours making our way through this self-guided tour.  There are 24 exhibits in the 1st building starting with slavery in America (1691 – 1861) and chronicling all of the civil rights trials and tribulations the blacks went through leading up to the assassination of Martin Luther King at the Lorraine Motel.  The 2nd building “The Legacy Building” chronicles the search for the killer (James Earl Ray’s passports and ID were all Canadian – from Toronto!), the meaning of assassination and ends with a film “We Want To Be Free” and the Freedom Award Wall.   The museum went through a major renovation in 2014 and it is state of the art, life size, so informative, educational and sad.  I’m so glad we did this.


I’m now longing for some quiet time! Longer walks with Gracie, walks & bike rides with Chuck, watching “March Madness” basketball on Direct TV (Chuck made me say this…), reading my book, grocery shopping, cooking dinner and even baking some cookies.

I guess you could say we just had a 2 week vacation and I’m ready to go back to work! I suspect that’s why I’ve been dreaming about IMAX the last couple of nights…

5 thoughts on “Wow – being a tourist is a lot of work!”

  1. Cookies? We love your cookies, Jacquie! Come to my house and bake! Miss you guys, but what an amazing journey you’re taking all of us on!


  2. Ha ha!!! Don’t think any of us are going to feel sorry for you – not having time to do your 3 blogs! I’d say you must be pretty ‘chill’ by now. Gives good illustration to the expression how work expands to fill the available time. I love that area of the country. Did you get to any good restaurants in NOLA?

  3. Another great leg of your travels. You covered a lot of ground on this one. Very interesting. A look back at History also. Thanks for that. Have a nice visit with Kathryn and her gorgeous children. Hope Chuck is going around with his screwdriver, WD40 and a glue gun to do repairs around their house. Continue having a great trip, and continue keeping us informed. Lots of love coming your way from here.

  4. Love this! I want to relive that whole trip. St. Pattys day in New Orleans. Amazing!! Need jet fuel sign was very clever 😉

    Happy resting…. xo

  5. WOW, wow and more WOW… How interesting, jeez you guys are really living the life, exploring, seeing tons of interesting places & things and really learning History the fun way… Everywhere you go, everything you see is so darn interesting. We’re lucky to be a part of your amazing adventure… Thanks very much for doing all of these posts, we look forward to each and every one of them. Cal & I have learnt alot too.
    Thank god for social media, I barely miss you guys cause it feels like you’re just around the corner, however it’ll be GREAT to SEE you both and of course Gracie and Freddi SOON…
    Safe Driving, Happy Travels & Happy Spring… Love from me & Cal…

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