Surprising San Antonio…

Next stop – San Antonio TX.  Why?

Well there’s the Alamo AND Davey Crockett for one, AND Riverwalk, AND horse drawn carriages AND double decker buses AND the El Mercado AND giant margaritas at Rosario’s. I know – we’ll do it all! We did pass on the horse drawn carriage ride even though the carriages were so darn cute.


We were at a great downtown RV spot (Traveler’s World Carefree RV Resort).   However, we had totally overlooked that it was spring break AND  it was the weekend AND March 6th was the anniversary of the final assault on The Alamo in 1836 and the city was celebrating!  No wonder the RV park initially told us we could only stay 1 night! But, things change in the RV world – quite rapidly – and our stay went from 1 night to 3.

The double decker bus offered the “hop on and hop off” sightseeing tours.  We actually love taking these so we can get our bearings and see and hear what the city has to offer, all in the comfort of someone else navigating the street closures and construction.  Buses every 20 minutes from each of the 12 stops gives you a lot of flexibility.


Starting at the Alamo – where there were all kinds of festivities – we made our way around the city.

Speaking of the Alamo I was so surprised that it was free! The Riverwalk was beautiful but I was so surprised the river was dirty! The El Mercado (the public market) was all things bright, bold and beautiful but I was so surprised everything was from Mexico! The giant margaritas were delicious but I was so surprised I needed 2 hands to lift the glass!


There was a lot of rain that weekend making for a very soggy campsite but that didn’t stop us from exploring San Antonio –  and now we’re off to skirt the Gulf of Mexico – beach, oil rigs and sand.

Our home for 2 nights was the Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort on Mustang Island across the Bay from Corpus Christi, TX.  The name was a little misleading as we actually fronted onto a pond (with fake ducks) and not the beach – but a pretty spot nevertheless.

We drove onto the island and then took the free ferry crossing off the island. We were also close to the Padre Island National Seashore which we explored. The uniqueness of the beach here? You can drive your vehicles up and down the beach. You can also park your RV’s/campers, etc.  on the beach and stay for up to 14 days free. You then need to move off the beach for 48 hours and you can come back and do it again and again – to a maximum of 56 days. What happens at high tide we asked ourselves?

Spring break was obvious here also – the pirate ship sailing was sold out, the restaurants were busy, kids were swimming in the chilly Gulf waters, vehicles and bon fires on the beach, line ups at the mini golf – and the HUGE beach stores selling more sweatshirts than bikinis! Another couple of cool, cloudy and rainy days!

Did you know you need to be very careful of these plants –

Every part of the Sago Palm is TOXIC:  leaves, roots and branches BUT the seeds and seed pods are most toxic to pets and humans.  If your pet injests any part of this plant, induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide and take to a vet immediately.  Also, every part of the Oleander is TOXIC:  leaves, branches, seeds, flowers and flower nectar.  Injesting can be fatal to humans and pets.  These are a couple of our favourite plants and we had no idea!  And, both these plants bordered our site!

Next up – sleepover near Houston/Galveston, another sleepover in Lafayette, LA and the weekend in New Orleans – just in time for St. Paddy’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Surprising San Antonio…”

  1. ooo my god that is the strangest hat and your description is dead on.
    When you were talking about the River being dirty, I was wondering if it had rained and then you mentioned that it had, rain always stirs up the dirt. Our river gets really dirty after rain too otherwise it’s CLEAR.
    Wow, sooo much excitement, love the 2 fisted Margarita hopefully it tasted as yummeee as it looked.
    Those poisonous plants are kinda scarey, how did you know that they were fatal? Are there signs? They are really lovely though, guess you really have to keep your eye on Gracie and Chuck, LOL…
    Great chatting with you the other day, much love and keep on ‘keepin on’…

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