Wow – being a tourist is a lot of work!

We’ve spent 5 days in New Orleans, over-nighted 1 night at an Alpaca Farm and now 3 nights in Memphis – and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the blogs that are stacking up.   So today, I’m simply going to summarize the highlights from all 3!

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Tabasco ice cream anyone?

Check out the label on your bottle of tabasco that’s in the back corner of your fridge. Yup, made in the USA – in Avery Island, Louisiana, USA to be exact.  Just 30 minutes from Lafayette and on the way to New Orleans. It’s a “gotta go to” place for us – the tabasco lovers that we are!

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Alligators, turtles & parlez vous français?

Shortly after we invested in the coach we bought a membership to Harvest Host  – a camping program created by a couple of fellow RV’ers who love staying at unique places. For $40/year membership fee you get access to all of the “hosts” around North America that allow a minimum of 24 hours of free camping. The hosts can be farms, wineries, orchards, breweries, museums or wildlife preserves offering you not just free camping but a unique experience and opportunity to support local business.

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Surprising San Antonio…

Next stop – San Antonio TX.  Why?

Well there’s the Alamo AND Davey Crockett for one, AND Riverwalk, AND horse drawn carriages AND double decker buses AND the El Mercado AND giant margaritas at Rosario’s. I know – we’ll do it all! We did pass on the horse drawn carriage ride even though the carriages were so darn cute.

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Carlsbad Caverns – Unbelievably beautiful!

We had some rain, sleet and a dusting of snow the afternoon before we went to the caverns in Carlsbad, New Mexico so it was a frosty, chilly 29°F the next morning as we made our way up.

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But, where’s the beach?

I first heard the name Alamogordo, NM when working at IMAX – and I loved the name. There’s a museum and planetarium complex and the smallest IMAX theatre located at the New Mexico Museum of Space History. But that’s NOT what we came here for.

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An Arizona snow day

It’s Friday, February 27th and time to leave Tucson. We had been here 4 days and had way too much fun but it was time to head to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the night and then to Alamogordo, New Mexico.

But wait, let’s check the weather first. Oh my gosh – you’re not going to be believe it? What? There’s 3 inches of snow forecasted today in Las Cruces!

Yahoo – it’s a snow day! We’re staying home one more day – in Tucson.

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