Everything’s Coming Up Roses [Part 2 of 4]

It takes an army of volunteers to pull off this extravaganza and we really wanted to be part of  it.   We were keen on helping to decorate a float and all those interested from this Rally group participated in the city of Sierra Madre’s 83rd parade entry “I Think I Can”. This float is one of 6 that are “self built” which means that these floats are built entirely on all volunteer and all donation organizations.

The float’s foundation was covered with 21,000 roses (from Ecuador)! Our job was to clean off the leaves, remove any damaged rose petals, trim the stem the required length, insert the stem into a water filled vial and place them carefully in trays. With teams’s of 6 persons/table our Rally group successfully cut 20,000 roses in our allotted time! It seemed like such a monumental task when we 1st heard what we had to do!

We then toured the float under construction – whew, 3 more days to parade and still so much to do!  We watched other volunteers sorting through seeds, climbing on scaffolds, gluing, brushing and painting.

The float’s animation included 18 wheels turning, three cars rocking side to side, smoke billowing from a stack and the front of the train engine lifting up and coming down to show it is trying and trying its best to crest the steep mountain. Finally, parade day!


They did it!   The float even won the Mayor’s Award – “Most outstanding city entry -national or international”.

Feeling good and having fun!  The enthusiasm in this place is contagious!

5 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up Roses [Part 2 of 4]”

  1. I love that book. I think I can – I think I can, I know I can. I blew up your photo and I cannot tell exactly what part of the float got or didn’t get the roses. Looks like the bear had them – the train did not. How about the balloons? Were the vials glued onto the float items or are they inserted into something like floral foam. I am thinking of the masses of yellow roses at the base of the float. How are they fastened? Good for you for volunteering. What a nice float to work on – and an award winner at that! K

    1. The roses (yellow, red & peach) covered the entire base of the float – all under the train track mechanism. The base was covered in green floral foam and the picks were inserted into the foam. The bear was entirely dried corn flowers, the giraffes and balloons were various seeds. What’s more amazing is the talented group of volunteers that designed it, built it, paid for it and pulled it off!

  2. Wow this is amazing!!! I also didn’t realize that you can clik on the photo and get a larger view, so after your last post I re checked the photo’s with a magnifying glass & then just decided to click on the picture and voila, you can clearly see the bear covered in flowers, the giraffes with seeds and all those roses under the train and everything else… So now I’m going to go back to every picture so I can get a better look. Did anyone else know that? Wished I had known this sooner, lol…When you clik on the last picture with the float you get a little magnifier glass which makes it larger & soooo much nicer, not as nice as being there in person right Jacq & Chuck. Good for you guys for volunteering and knowing that you offered a large part to the success of YOUR float, very cool… Keep on having FUN and safe travels, xo

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