“OR-UH-GUN” – What I didn’t know until we came here…

We left Junction City yesterday morning (Tuesday the 16th). The warranty work was finished on Thursday, December 11th – 1 week after checking in. They told us we could stay as long as we wanted as everyone had their eye on the weather. While temp’s are milder than usual the rain has been relentless. We were parked at the dealer for 13 nights. While it was not the most scenic spot – it was certainly functional and free! Using the average $40/night we have been spending this is $520 more in our pockets and that’s great!

We finished up all of our Christmas shopping and packages have been shipped.  I’m still picking Chuck up off the floor – he is/was a December 24th power shopper – and an all night Christmas Eve wrapper. Certainly not one of his most endearing qualities to me…

We’ll be averaging 4-5 driving hours a day for the next week as we drive down the coast of Oregon and into California on U.S. Hwy 101. We spent our last night in Oregon (at Coos Bay) and will be in Northern California late this afternoon. Driving into CA involves an agricultural stop as CA has a ban on certain imports including citrus and butternut squash (from everywhere) and many other fruit & veggies depending on where they were grown.  Very few states do this, but CA, because of its extensive farming community is particularly strict. Better to be safe then sorry – the fridge has been cleaned out.

All plans are subject to change (the beauty of this lifestyle), and weather permitting – but right now our plans are:  {Sorry about the quality of this pic – we’re having a little technical difficulty with inserting maps in the blog.  Youtube here I come!}

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.07.44 PM

…with Christmas in Santa Barbara! Our choices for Christmas were all places “Santa” – Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Santa Margarita, Santa Maria, Santa Clarita, Santa Paula…

We have learned a lot about this beautiful State in the short 2 weeks.

  • OR-UH-GUN and never OR-EEE-GONE [I was guilty of this!]
  • 0% sales tax! [We spent our “free” camping fees – and then some!]
  • They really love their “Ducks” – the OR State football team going to the Rose Bowl
  • The “Ducks” Quarterback just won the Heisman Trophy – Go Ducks!
  • Fuel stations are required by law to have attendants pump their fuel. They are not self service!
  • Hazelnut is the state’s official nut – and Oregon grows 99% of the entire US commercial crop
  • State population is only 3.4 million, with 1.5 million living in Portland
  • Nearly half of Oregon’s total area is forested – close to 30 million acres – evidenced by the most beautiful fresh Christmas trees for sale on every other street corner
  • More than 7000 bridges, including 53 covered bridges
  • More than 5,900 registered campsites along with 230 state parks and 13 national forests
  • 9 surviving lighthouse stations have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.   The only 2 we have seen:
Umpqua River Lighthouse
Umpqua River Lighthouse
Hate Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse

OR-UH-GUN – so much to offer; so little time. We will be back! I see a covered bridge tour and a lighthouse tour in our future time travels.

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  1. Now that you have all the shopping out of the way, whatever will you be doing on Christmas Eve? Great to hear from you today! Safe travels!

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