Warranty service and a free set-up. Is anything really free?

Junction City, Oregon – population 5,640 – with one of the biggest RV dealers I have ever been to.  The town should actually be named “Guaranty”.  There is the Guaranty RV dealer, Guaranty Human Resources, Guaranty Chevrolet Dealer, Guaranty Used Cars, Guaranty Used RV’s, Guaranty Travel Store, Guaranty Business Centre, Guaranty Used Trucks, Guaranty RV and Truck Body Shop; Guaranty Collision Centre…and more.  We have heard this privately owned company employs approximately 350 locals.  Not bad for this farm area that’s about 90 minutes south of Portland (the largest city) and about 15 miles north of Eugene (the 2nd largest city).

We had a list of about 20 warranty items that we needed to have looked at.  Only 3 – 4 were, what we thought, critical items; the remaining were nice to have and/or questions we needed some answers to.  Those critical items included the **!#! steps, the heated floors, one of the slides needed a repair to the brace and the full wall slide needed an adjustment to bring it in flush with the coach.  Nearly everything has been completed and now we’re just waiting for the new step motor to be delivered from Indiana.  This is a rural area so there’s no overnight delivery.  We’re still waiting for the parts delivery – we’ve been here a week already…  There are some items on the list that we’re going to wait and get done in May at the dealer in Michigan.  They were just going to take too long here and we have been assured that they are not life-threatening or critical to the operation of the coach.

The set-up here is pretty nice though.  There is a paved parking lot for overnight coaches that has power, water, sewer and trash pick-up and it is free!  We get the coach ready for pick-up (jacks up, slides in, etc.) and they come over and pick it up and deliver it to the service bay.  At the end of the day they deliver it back to our designated spot and we’re home.  There have been a couple of days where no work has been done so we’re “home all day”.

BUT, what do we do all day without our home? Well, let’s go for breakfast…let’s drive around…let’s go for coffee…it’s time for lunch…that farm store looks pretty interesting…that’s a new grocery store – let’s check it out…we need wi-fi – let’s find McDonald’s…the Guaranty Travel Store has laundry…and free breakfast…and free wi-fi…and they love Gracie!  Let’s go to a movie…not the AT&T store again…let’s go to the Apple store.  It’s 90 minutes away…who cares…we have time – lots of time…what kind of trees are those?  Oh brother, now we’re getting desperate.  We need to get some more Christmas shopping done… where’s Staples –  we need shipping boxes… I saw a UPS store somewhere… Hey, we can spend a couple of hours at Costco…

We’re so busy…and remind me – what’s free again?



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  1. You guys are a hoot!!! I’d tell you to take it on the road, but hey, you’re already there! Safe travels. 🙂

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