Seattle – Short but Sweet!


A mere 40 hours in Seattle with 16 of them sleeping – what a shame!

We stayed 2 nights at Maplegrove RV Resort, 12417 Hwy 99, Everett, WA ($48.96/nite)  – 20 minutes north of the city.  They are open all year, there are 87 sites with 20/30/50 amp service and they advertise themselves as Seattle’s Premier RV Resort.  I hate to see what the non-premier RV resorts look like…


Our site at Maple Grove
Our site at Maple Grove

Of all the Seattle sites to see the priority was a trip downtown to Pike Place Market. What a place!   The Market sprawls across nine acres, with 11 buildings and six levels of approximately 500 shops, restaurants, vendor stalls and the site of the first Starbucks. Crates of blackberries, bunches of grapes, trays of artichokes, pyramids of apples and carrots,  flower vendors swathing bright blooms in butcher paper, fishmongers in rubber boots and overalls tossing shovelfuls of ice over rows of Dungeness crab and king salmon fillets, craft vendors selling original art, jewelry and artisan wares – from metal belt buckles to blown glass to handmade soaps.    We spent 2 hours getting lost in the nooks & crannies, wandering the maze of arcades and store fronts with eyes wide open,  shopping, eating Fish Tacos and drinking a yucky beer (can’t even remember the name…).

IMG_0719 IMG_0718 IMG_0732IMG_0752IMG_0713

We left downtown and drove to Lynnwood and spent 4 hours in the Alderwood Mall running between Apple, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.  Chuck wanted the new I-Phone 6 Plus but we can’t buy it unlocked yet – and we don’t want to sign up for any contract.   Apparently Apple will release them in a couple of weeks so we’ll wait until then.

We did purchase a GoPhone from AT&T which is a wireless home phone & internet.  It offers ultra fast 4G internet access and is a great alternative to dial up or satellite.  And, it offers unlimited nationwide calling.  For an extra $15 /month we added 1000 minutes of calls to Canada.   Cost of the unit was $199 and then we pay $80/month for 10 gig of data usage/month.  We can go month to month which means no annual contract.   We also have a phone in the coach with a Washington State telephone #.

BUT, we went on-line today and checked our usage history and we have used 8.18 gig in 5 days!  Holy moly – turn off the wifi!  I really think the culprit is the mapping programs that we are using on all of our devices.    We’re going to have to learn to use the GPS systems on both the pick-up truck and the coach.

AT&T Go Phone
AT&T Go Phone

We have a much needed step repair service appointment in Junction City, Oregon at Guaranty RV on Thursday, December 4th so with a 6 hour drive ahead of us we needed to leave Seattle on Wednesday, December 3rd.

Sad to leave but we’re already looking forward to coming back!

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  1. Pike Place Market is a place that I’d like to spend the day at. Glad you two and the pets are enjoying your fabulous journey. Keep on motoring.

  2. Man, that sounds like a great way to spend a week, not just a few hours! I can see why you’ll be going back! Safe travels!

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