Mimosas, Monarchs, Sun & Surf


A quiet Christmas Day but we made up for it on Boxing Day!

Driving through the quaint and very rich town of Carmel-by-the-Sea (what recession?) we made our way to Pacific Grove – “Butterfly Town, USA” and started the day with brunch & mimosas at the Red House Cafe.

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Hwy 1 South – “It’s Official – “


Mendocino, CA to Bodega Bay, CA

102 miles

6 hours!



Hairpin turns, narrow lanes, S-curves; sheer cliffs to the ocean and, in places, cliffs on the land side. We needed to go slow, take our time and pull out often to let traffic by. There were curves where we needed to take up both lanes to get around so I was on my knees trying to watch ahead for on-coming cars. “It’s clear – go”! “There’s a car coming!” “Stop & wait!” Yikes, we must have scared the oncoming cars also! We were told that passengers could enjoy the view but the drivers eyes needed to be glued to the road with both hands on the wheel. Ha – enjoy the view? Yes, there were some spectacular views but the drive was so intense it was hard for me to appreciate them.

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Amazing Flying Machines!

I’ve always been fascinated by the elusive, eccentric and very rich Howard Hughes.


My fascination with Mr. Hughes rekindled with the release of the 2004 bio-pic The Aviator depicting his career as legendary director and aviator from the late 1920’s to the mid-40’s – including his dream of the wooden wonder known as the “Spruce Goose”.

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“OR-UH-GUN” – What I didn’t know until we came here…

We left Junction City yesterday morning (Tuesday the 16th). The warranty work was finished on Thursday, December 11th – 1 week after checking in. They told us we could stay as long as we wanted as everyone had their eye on the weather. While temp’s are milder than usual the rain has been relentless. We were parked at the dealer for 13 nights. While it was not the most scenic spot – it was certainly functional and free! Using the average $40/night we have been spending this is $520 more in our pockets and that’s great!

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Warranty service and a free set-up. Is anything really free?

Junction City, Oregon – population 5,640 – with one of the biggest RV dealers I have ever been to.  The town should actually be named “Guaranty”.  There is the Guaranty RV dealer, Guaranty Human Resources, Guaranty Chevrolet Dealer, Guaranty Used Cars, Guaranty Used RV’s, Guaranty Travel Store, Guaranty Business Centre, Guaranty Used Trucks, Guaranty RV and Truck Body Shop; Guaranty Collision Centre…and more.  We have heard this privately owned company employs approximately 350 locals.  Not bad for this farm area that’s about 90 minutes south of Portland (the largest city) and about 15 miles north of Eugene (the 2nd largest city).

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Seattle – Short but Sweet!


A mere 40 hours in Seattle with 16 of them sleeping – what a shame!

We stayed 2 nights at Maplegrove RV Resort, 12417 Hwy 99, Everett, WA ($48.96/nite)  – 20 minutes north of the city.  They are open all year, there are 87 sites with 20/30/50 amp service and they advertise themselves as Seattle’s Premier RV Resort.  I hate to see what the non-premier RV resorts look like…

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Step It Up!

This mechanical marvel is equipped with self-levelling steps that automatically adjust for different heights and you simply – open the door and the steps come out (deploy) and close the door and they come in (retract).  When stopped and parked for an extended period there is a switch that leaves the steps deployed.  Very slick when they work…

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