It seems like only yesterday that we sold our house and picked up this Mechanical Marvel in Grand Rapids, MI to set out on our grand adventure and leave behind all that was familiar. At that time our plans were to travel for 2 years!  What the heck were we thinking?

Our 'Mechanical Marvel"...

Our ‘Mechanical Marvel”…

Now, look at us! Two years later we’ve travelled 26,000 miles, and we’ve just scratched the surface.  Once you’ve tasted the adrenaline of travel, it can feel unbearable to sit around, knowing that adventure is out there waiting to be had.  We’re so excited for the next couple of years!

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BRK.A @ $221,985!


If we all had invested $1,000 in BRK.A back in 1964 – our investment today would be worth $10,500,000.  Darn!

We’re in Omaha at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting – sometimes referred to as the Woodstock for Capitalists and even Buffettpalooza

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What goes up – must come down…

Our drive from Leadville to Denver was just over 3 hours and we spent about one-third of that time with our 4-way flashers on… slow moving vehicle going up

Leadville, CO to Denver, CO 115 miles

Leadville, CO to Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora, CO
115 miles

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Colorado Friends in High Places

As with most people you connect with, you try and stay in touch and certainly hope that your paths cross again.  And such was the case when we sent Carrie and Barry an e-mail saying…  headed your way on our travels through Utah and into Colorado.

Without hesitation, come on over… You can park in our driveway and we have 50 amp hook-up and water.  

So, we did – after watching the weather!

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Only 9 days in beautiful Utah “UTAH-ful” and we have learned one thing. We definitely have to come back. For at least one month – maybe longer. This short stay just whetted our interest for more…

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A, B, C’s of our 2nd National Park Experience

A is for "Arches"

A is for “Arches”

B is for "Balancing"

B is for “Balancing”

C is for "Cairns"

C is for “Cairns”

The U.S. National Park Service is 100 hundred years old!  And, in celebration of this centennial, entry to National Parks across the country was free this entire week of April 18th to the 24th. We didn’t realize this when we entered the park and we were disappointed not to be able to use our new $10 senior’s pass! Considering the $25 entry fee was waived it wasn’t crowded and we spent 1 1/2 days in this amazing Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

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Remarkably – Monumental!

The Goulding’s RV park was recommended and when we heard the name we thought we were going to a town in Utah named Goulding. As it turned out Goulding’s Camp Park is a 1-stop ‘destination’ spot just north of the Arizona-Utah border, adjacent to the Navajo Tribal Park.   The Camp Park includes a lodge, RV park, museum, restaurant, gift store, theatre, grocery store, laundromat, gas station, church, air landing strip, tours and hiking trails.

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Goulding’s Camp Park

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Our First National Park Experience

IMG_1021We were parked 5 days at this Grand Canyon RV Park – the perfect location to explore the entire South Rim from.   From Hermits Rest to the west and Desert View to the east  – and everything in between – a total of ~30 miles / ~50 km’s.  Some places, like the Visitor’s Centre and Mather Point were visited multiple times. The South Rim definitely caters to the tourists with lodging, hotels, shops, free shuttles, train station and lots of great information.  This beautiful and very well done National Park did not disappoint!

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Mexico – Good, Bad and Best

We were 49 days (7 weeks) in Mexico – 1 week short of our 2 month goal.   But, the #1 benefit of this lifestyle is you can pack up at anytime, particularly when there just doesn’t seem to be anything new to do.  One can only do so much relaxing…

Want to go the beach?

Want to go for breakfast at Rosy’s?
NO – I’m tired of Mexican breakfasts…

Come on Gracie – let’s go for a walk
She wouldn’t even move from her spot on the floor. Even Gracie was ready to go!

We woke up on day 48 (Tuesday, April 5th) and said “it’s time…” And, we left the next morning!

The impetus for leaving Wednesday morning was really because of availability at an RV park at the Grand Canyon – which was next up on our destination list. We called to reserve and the only available days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 8th, 9th and 10th). After that they were booked solid for a couple of weeks which was too late for us.

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Some really big news…

Well, after 21 months, +23,000 miles in 3 countries, 4 provinces, 18 states – we’re done RV’ing.  We’ve seen enough.   Just one of the primary reasons for this entire adventure was to find the perfect place to retire and we did it!

With +350 days of sunshine, located on the crystal clear blue water, friendly people, cost of living to our advantage, close proximity to the USA and major cities and airports in Phoenix and Tucson, we’ve set our sights on a beautiful beach condo here in Rocky Point, Mexico.

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