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Is it going to smell?

Our 1st stop on Hwy 101 was actually in the wrong direction!  We had to go about 10 miles North of Florence, OR to get to the Sea Lion Caves.  “Chuck – We have to go – but is it … Continue reading

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Amazing Flying Machines!

I’ve always been fascinated by the elusive, eccentric and very rich Howard Hughes. My fascination with Mr. Hughes rekindled with the release of the 2004 bio-pic The Aviator depicting his career as legendary director and aviator from the late 1920’s … Continue reading

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“OR-UH-GUN” – What I didn’t know until we came here…

We left Junction City yesterday morning (Tuesday the 16th). The warranty work was finished on Thursday, December 11th – 1 week after checking in. They told us we could stay as long as we wanted as everyone had their eye … Continue reading

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Warranty service and a free set-up. Is anything really free?

Junction City, Oregon – population 5,640 – with one of the biggest RV dealers I have ever been to.  The town should actually be named “Guaranty”.  There is the Guaranty RV dealer, Guaranty Human Resources, Guaranty Chevrolet Dealer, Guaranty Used … Continue reading

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