On the road again – welcome back!

Well…we have been on the road all summer but it’s mostly been in Southern Ontario, travelling between Barrie, Grimsby, Oakville and back again. Hardly seems blog worthy but it certainly was good to be home and in familiar surroundings – visiting family, dentist, doctor, hairdresser, favourite grocery stores, dropping unexpectedly into the ‘old’ office and having my laugh recognized and welcomed! We did make it to the Thousand Islands area for 2 weeks with our grandchildren Joseph and Celeste.  A big thank-you to Wendy – my girlfriend with a boat and a big heart…

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Tim Horton’s or Starbuck’s?

Located less than a mile from the gritty, industrial steel plant district of Hamilton, ON, at the corner of Ottawa St. and Dunsmure Rd., is the very 1st Tim Horton’s.  It opened in 1964, sold coffee for a quarter and featured Tim’s own personal creations, the apple fritter and the dutchie.  Not surprisingly, these large “doughy” creations became the most popular donut choices in the 60’s and remain 2 of the most popular today.

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Boondocking with Benefits



We’ve scored some pretty amazing free camping spots over the last few weeks and we’re starting to get the hang of this “boondocking” stuff – baby steps though.

What the heck is “boondocking” you ask? Also known as dry camping, off the grid, off the cord or wild camping, boondocking is quite simply free camping with no hook-ups for fresh water, electricity or sewer.

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Our Southern Ontario home – tourist heaven!

We’re in our old home territory surrounded by family and friends yet it feels kinda weird. Why? Well we’ve been “tourists” for the past 10 months traveling to and staying in places outside our usual environment.   I never went anywhere without my camera and now that we’re back in our “usual environment” I don’t know how to be a tourist…

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Ontario – no admittance before May 1st!

We’re settling in to our spot at 50 Point Conservation Area & Marina in Winona, ON – between Stoney Creek and Grimsby – perfectly located on the shores of Lake Ontario.   The real reason we’re here is there are so few places in Ontario that are open before May 1st.  50 Point was scheduled to open April 1st but even it was delayed a week due to wet conditions.  Those of us counting our allotment of days in the US might need to spend time in various Walmarts or “drive-way surfing” at friends and family waiting out the weather and park openings.

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