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We left Ontario November 9th – just the day before the 1st snow flakes fell! Chuck does a great job watching the weather as the dreaded snow is what we always want to avoid. So far the weather follower has … purchase inderal

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It’s surprising that we’ve been on the road since July 2014 and we only just now make it to Florida. Our travel plans did not originally include Florida as we were heading to the Canadian west again – to personally … can you buy inderal over the counter

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Plans change and that’s o.k. We were going to Florida this winter but the kids and grand-kids had something different in mind and, of course, kids rule!  “We vote Vegas for Christmas they shouted!”  But, we were just there last winter … buy inderal la

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Chuck has relatives in Chicago and it was an easy 3 hour drive from our Newmar service stop in Nappanee. It had also been a couple of years since we were last there and it was definitely time to pass … inderal la order

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