What the heck were we thinking?

We left the Newmar factory and we had 1 more stop in Grand Rapids, MI before crossing into Canada. We bought our coach at Midway RV in Grand Rapids, a smaller east coast dealer – and picked it up on June 28th, 2014. We had asked for an upgrade which they agreed to do, however, the parts would not be available until mid-July so we would have to come back. Not a problem – we REALLY wanted that upgrade.

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Day 3, 4 and 5 at Newmar – “The Dance”

Haha – the entry steps required a new motor! We were right! Both the motor and connections are exposed to the elements so, apparently, this time, all connections have been sealed with silicone.

Well, they left the most difficult and most puzzling problem to the last!

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Day 2 at Newmar – That was fun!

Up at 5:30, shower & dress, make the bed, gather laptops, phones and camera, pack dog treats, water and kitty bed, bring in the slides, raise the jacks, start the engine, move out, in the service bay at 6:30 a.m.

C: Let’s go for breakfast.
J: At 7 a.m.? I can’t eat – it’s too early! Let’s just drive around – again…

J: I never knew it was still dark at 7:30. What time is sunrise?
C: Google it.
J: It’s too early!

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Warranty service and a free set-up. Is anything really free?

Junction City, Oregon – population 5,640 – with one of the biggest RV dealers I have ever been to.  The town should actually be named “Guaranty”.  There is the Guaranty RV dealer, Guaranty Human Resources, Guaranty Chevrolet Dealer, Guaranty Used Cars, Guaranty Used RV’s, Guaranty Travel Store, Guaranty Business Centre, Guaranty Used Trucks, Guaranty RV and Truck Body Shop; Guaranty Collision Centre…and more.  We have heard this privately owned company employs approximately 350 locals.  Not bad for this farm area that’s about 90 minutes south of Portland (the largest city) and about 15 miles north of Eugene (the 2nd largest city).

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Step It Up!

This mechanical marvel is equipped with self-levelling steps that automatically adjust for different heights and you simply – open the door and the steps come out (deploy) and close the door and they come in (retract).  When stopped and parked for an extended period there is a switch that leaves the steps deployed.  Very slick when they work…

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