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  • 2018 Travels

    Our 4th full year saw the least amount of miles driven and the longest stays in one or more places.   We started the year at the beautiful Riverbend Motorcoach Resort in LaBelle, FL. with […]

  • We had never been to Hilton Head before and we were excited to explore some new ground.  What I didn’t know until we got there!

    #1) The island is in the shape of a shoe or a foot.  I never knew tha […]

    • You are so right! You can bring your boat there too…

    • We had booked for a week and then extended the reservation for 4 more nights – it was that great! The BEW/BEAU is more confusing now that I know there is a difference. It could also be a golf shoe – that would be more apropos (it’s French)… I’ve never heard of “sandlappers” before. Something new again!

  • It might not sound very original, but after 3 full years of travelling it’s the 1st time we have travelled full circle from Florida to Florida collecting memories and moments.

    At a glance – just some of […]

  • We left Ontario November 9th – just the day before the 1st snow flakes fell! Chuck does a great job watching the weather as the dreaded snow is what we always want to avoid. So far the weather follower has been […]

    • Thanks for your comment – Happy Holidays Helen! Enjoy Christmas with your family and gorgeous grandchildren.

    • Do we know you? HAHAHAHA
      Very funny comment – it was a blog in itself! No job – no Traxxas Stampede. No job – no Trencher tires. Come on down and bring yours! Merry Christmas Guys – and a happy, healthy New Year.

    • Thank-you!

  • We’re just into our 4th year of travelling with pets and it’s a frequently asked question!

    Gracie is 10 years old and is a healthy, happy, well-behaved wheaten terrier.   She is hypo-allergenic and doesn’t […]

    • And, I had no idea they used something like the Thunder Vests for people, although it makes sense. We both learned something! Thanks for your comment.

    • Gracie is the perfect name for a perfect dog and it sounds like your having fun with your dog-sitting adventures! We’ll make some room – next time! Thanks for your comment!

    • Well, there’s that standing offer… We’ll get you a puppy, train it and deliver it with a bow! Thanks for your comment!

  • I love totem poles and trying to decipher the stories they tell.  I actually stopped to think if I had seen totem poles anywhere else other than the west coast. Many people (including myself) think of the totem […]

    • It was so amazing! It was hard to select the pictures from the hundreds that were taken… Thanks for your comment!

  • The M.V. Island Bay is a kayak “Mother Ship” that sleeps 5 – 6 guests, carries 6 kayaks, tows a dinghy and is equipped with various salmon and halibut fishing gear and traps for crabs and prawns.  This vessel expl […]

  • Once upon a time, in a land far away, dreaming of snow capped mountains and oceans and awesome sights and cities in North America was just that – a dream. But, along came a fairy godmother who said, “why don’t you […]

  • Dates Visited: April 2 – 4, 2017
    Daytime Temp’s: 98°
    Nighttime Temp’s: 72°
    It’s official! It’s hot, dry, hazy, dusty, rocky and salty and I was prepared to be unimpressed.  But, we were wrong, oh, so wrong… […]

  • Travel requires good planning! When we decide where we’re headed Chuck researches the routes and driving times and plans the fuel and RV park stops.  Critical to our planning is checking what the weather looks li […]

  • When we sold our house and picked up our coach on June 28th, 2014 we didn’t even think about what 1000 days on the road would look like or where we would go. We just did it! Today we have officially been on the r […]

  • Mardi Gras is over and it’s time to hit the road – heading west.
    Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.
    Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust i […]

  • Oh my gosh – where do I start? How do I even begin to capture the excitement, colours, costumes, people, floats, marching bands, elaborate masks, traffic? Did I mention the people? the traffic?  Welcome to Mardi […]

  • It’s surprising that we’ve been on the road since July 2014 and we only just now make it to Florida.

    Our travel plans did not originally include Florida as we were heading to the Canadian west again – to per […]

  • The beauty of St. Augustine lies in its magnificent preservation and distinct historical character – and has always been high on my ‘go to’ list of ‘very old places’. The beach, lighthouse, historical buildin […]

  • When we 1st revealed our travel plans for 2016 I very naively admitted that we were going to take it slow and easy and stay in places long enough that we don’t simply scratch the surface but get to ‘dig deep – rea […]

  • Yes, we’re here in Florida!

    The 1st time in this ‘humid & hot state’ since we bought the coach in June, 2014.  We spent Christmas and New Year’s in Naples, FL with family from Barrie, Boston, Tara & […]

  • In my younger days – not so long ago – I was in love with all things country – especially what I called Southern Country. I collected hearts, candle snuffers and santa’s. My favourite colours were navy, rust and c […]

  • We’re on the road November 30th!  One day earlier than our planned December 1st departure and 2 weeks earlier than our original thinking of December 15th.  We realized leaving Ontario on December 15th wasn’t reali […]

    • I did the same taste test with Chuck and he picked Kraft. We’re too old to switch brands now! We’re going to be in Chandler, AZ the beginning of March attending a rally. You guys still going to be in AZ then?

    • We did! One afternoon in the Portrait Museum and the next afternoon in the American History Museum. We have our list ready for our next visit – likely next October.

  • Have you heard that those living full-time in an RV are considered just one step away from being homeless?

    I was shocked when I heard it the 1st time. Us? Living full-time in the coach? One step away from […]

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