It seems like only yesterday that we sold our house and picked up this Mechanical Marvel in Grand Rapids, MI to set out on our grand adventure and leave behind all that was familiar. At that time our plans were to travel for 2 years!  What the heck were we thinking?

Our 'Mechanical Marvel"...
Our ‘Mechanical Marvel”…

Now, look at us! Two years later we’ve travelled 26,000 miles, and we’ve just scratched the surface.  Once you’ve tasted the adrenaline of travel, it can feel unbearable to sit around, knowing that adventure is out there waiting to be had.  We’re so excited for the next couple of years!


And what have we learned?  In recognition of our 2 years on the road we share with you 24 of our personal RV travel and living observations.

  1. Family and friends are all near-by: only miles and hours between us.
  2. We are thankful for laptops, i-phones, internet, on-line shopping and e-readers!  The Weather app, MAPS and Gas Buddy are a necessity AND Google Earth is frequently explored.
  3. Travel plans are fluid and subject-to-change – Florida is likely getting bumped again this winter!
  4. Wrong turns, highway detours and low bridges continue to cause heart palpitations!
  5. We’re STILL discovering how things work on this Mechanical Marvel!
  6. Chuck can fix ANYTHING!
  7. ALWAYS have a wire coat hanger in your tool box.
  8. Yes, SNOW and COLD are 4-letter words and best avoided!
  9. Frequent eating in restaurants is hazardous to our health!
  10. We (Jacquie included) can remain calm in the face of mechanical breakdown…Mechanical Breakdown
  11. We’re homeless on holiday long weekends in Ontario – without a park reservation!
  12. Finding a good hairdresser/barber is frustrating!
  13. Travelling with pets makes us laugh!
  14. Heated tile floors are the BEST!
  15. EVERYTHING has its place yet the storage compartments need regular clean-outs!
  16. Chips in the windshield are inevitable!
  17. Hiring someone to wash and wax the coach exterior is a luxury – and VERY cheap in Mexico!
  18. Campfires are NOT our favourite pastime!
  19. Bumpy roads DRIVE us crazy!
  20. We get bored, complacent and kinda lazy when we stay in a place too long…
  21. Credit cards have been declined at a couple of gas stations – the bank can’t believe it costs that much for a fill up – it must be fraudFuel in Pesos
  22. Don’t be fooled by the word “RESORT” in a park name.  The term is used loosely, very loosely!
  23. Our semi-annual Canada/USA border crossings are NOT as scary as they used to be…


24.  This really IS NOT a vacation!

Think HGTV Tiny Homes – a little bigger and drivable.  It’s our lifestyle and we ‘lovett’!

3 thoughts on “2 YEARS! REALLY?”

  1. We love hearing from you too. Having you nearby so far this Summer has been a real bonus. Our Wedens day Morning meetings have been just what I always thought “mother and daughter” outings would be. Hope you’re Canada stay will be in this area always. Love…mom.

  2. Was just thinking the other day how it’s been a long time since ou updated us; thanks for this update, now I can stop worrying!
    Love you both,
    Helen. xoxo

  3. Congratulations!! This sounded like us! We thought we would travel for a year than be bored and maybe volunteer at the national parks. How funny now:) We just completed year six and are still scratching the surface. There is still SO much we need to see and do here in the US and Canada. Love your 24 items and agree with all of them! Life sure is Good:) Happy year three! Let us know if we ever get close again:)

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