Mexico – Good, Bad and Best

We were 49 days (7 weeks) in Mexico – 1 week short of our 2 month goal.   But, the #1 benefit of this lifestyle is you can pack up at anytime, particularly when there just doesn’t seem to be anything new to do.  One can only do so much relaxing…

Want to go the beach?

Want to go for breakfast at Rosy’s?
NO – I’m tired of Mexican breakfasts…

Come on Gracie – let’s go for a walk
She wouldn’t even move from her spot on the floor. Even Gracie was ready to go!

We woke up on day 48 (Tuesday, April 5th) and said “it’s time…” And, we left the next morning!

The impetus for leaving Wednesday morning was really because of availability at an RV park at the Grand Canyon – which was next up on our destination list. We called to reserve and the only available days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 8th, 9th and 10th). After that they were booked solid for a couple of weeks which was too late for us.

So, we had the coach washed and waxed Wednesday morning (they came at 7:30 a.m.).  We cleaned up the inside and packed everything up and checked out of the RV park at 11:30 a.m. We crossed the border at 1:30 p.m. and after US border patrol inspected our fridge (and confiscated 1 apple) we were in the USA at 1:50 p.m. – headed to Phoenix.

Two nights in Phoenix and we can go to Costco, check out a Super Walmart and maybe a Target, stock up on California wine (oh how I missed California Chardonnay), get a bath and brush for Gracie at PETSMART, buy some GOOD bread, empty the fresh water tank of Mexican non-drinkable water and refill with some good purified water, replace the water filter, turn the ice-maker back on, charge up the AT&T mifi, turn cellular data back on, eat a GREAT FRESH salad…

Yahoo, we’re home!

In the meantime, I’m so glad we went to Mexico and I want to share the GOOD, BAD AND BEST this town and trip had to offer.


…Mama jelly fish having babies!

The mama is the brown blob in the bottom centre of the pic.  Look closely to the left and right of the mama and you can see the milky transparent ‘bubbles’ – the babies.  There are more at the top of the photo also.  There were dozens of them!  It was an amazing sight but what happens at high tide?


Hands down – The Blue Marlin Restaurant & Smokehouse – located just off the Malecon.

Tequila: El Campadre
Type: ‘Classic’ – salted and on the rocks
Price: USD $5.75
Ingredients: lime juice/house made simple syrup/Triple Sec/Tequila
Comments: Only had 1 but definitely our favourite!



Lucky’s Cantina – on the Malecon in downtown Puerto Peñasco

IMG_0436Buy a $5 drink (for us a Bloody Mary and a Bloody Maria w/Tequila) and get this free breakfast plate of eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and refried beans – EVERYTHING is served with refried beans. The only substitutions allowed was toast for the tortillas and then they usually forgot the toast… In any case, not bad for a $10.00 breakfast for 2 people!



A bright yellow coloured restaurant at the top of a dirt road is El Capitan.  Its balcony and outside patio offered the best views of Puerto Peñasco, Sandy Beach and the Sea of Cortez.



Another winner for Wrecked at the Reef  immediately adjacent to the RV park.


Priced at USD $12.00 it was LOADED with jumbo shrimp chunks, chopped celery, cucumber and cilantro, topped with fresh avocado – all swimming  in Clamato Juice. Delicious and so refreshing – very different from our usual shrimp cocktails at home.   Of course it was served with tortilla chips – EVERYTHING is served with tortilla chips – and soda crackers (Saladitas – “Saltines”).

Mexican Seafood Cocktails were ordered at a couple of other places but they were no where near as delicious or as good looking as at Wrecked.


Welkomme to our favourite restaurant in Rocky Point – The Koffeehaus – only serving breakfast and lunch. Located right across from the marina it served up perfect cappuccino’s, beautiful german pastries and apple strudel, delicious breakfasts, huge sandwiches and fresh salads.


This German restaurant in Rocky Point was everyone’s favourite and there was never a day or time that we didn’t have to wait for a table.  We went to the KoffeeHaus 5 times and each time I had one of these beautiful, delicious cappuchino’s!  And the price – $2.50!



High on the tops of telephone poles sit the osprey’s.  Some of the biggest nests we’ve ever seen!  Just love the collection of rope, string and plastic bag.  She even has her own water bottle…



Unanimously – Wrecked at the Reef.

Tequila:  Don Julio Silver
Type: ‘Cadillac’ – salted and on the rocks
Price: USD $10.00
Ingredients: lime juice/simple syrup/Triple Sec/Tequila AND a shot of Grand Marnier
Comments: our very 1st ever ‘Cadillac’ margarita and it was delicious! Bummer that it was served in a plastic cup tho’ – especially at this price.



Both the best and the worst at The Blue Marlin 


Tequila: El Campadre
Type: ‘Cadillac’ – sugared and on the rocks
Price: USD $8.00
Ingredients: orange juice/house made simple syrup/Grand Marnier/Tequila
Comments:  They didn’t tell us the rim would be sugared – that 1st sip was shockingly sweet!


Yes, we signed up…

THEM:  Hi Mister – want a free buffet breakfast OR a sunset cruise?
US:  How about both?
THEM:  Really Mister? …OK!

Thirty minutes outside of Rocky Point sits the Mayan Palace. All alone on this expanse of beach, its own airport empty and forlorn it is still being hustled as the vacation property of all time.


Three hours later, after having gone through 5 very aggressive sales agents, with a price drop from USD $25,000 to USD $2,500 we were able to shake free. I will NEVER, EVER do another one of these again EVER.   We never did use the tickets for the sunset cruise!


I have come to realize that there is a real difference between looking at life with ‘eyes wide open’ AND  looking at life with ‘an open mind’.  For example, if I was to describe Puerto Peñasco from my ‘eyes wide open’ perspective it would be:

Dusty, dirt roads; dilapidated hovels; men, women and children looking for hand-outs; graffiti EVERYWHERE; buildings half constructed and abandoned and loud & dusty dune buggy’s invading our space.

BUT, if I look at it with an ‘open mind’ perspective it would be:

Eclectic architecture; dramatic landscape; hard-working men, women and children – trying to make a living; beautiful children in their school uniforms; lots of construction – evidence of progress and optimism; polite, smiling Mexican faces – Hola!; loud & dusty dune buggy’s – so much fun; graffiti EVERYWHERE – is an art form…

Yes, I will always remember the bad and best of Puerto Peñasco – with an ‘open mind’.


No, we didn’t just eat and drink!


2 thoughts on “Mexico – Good, Bad and Best”

  1. Love this and love the rating of the margarita’s! so delicious and the shrimp cocktail! can’t believe you went to the time share pitch…$2,500 – wow what a drop!

  2. Fantastic story about your stay in Mexico. I also would like one of your fav. Margaritas. Your stay in Mexico sounds like it was an overall good experience. Moving on sounds wonderful, no grass to cut, closing down the house, getting someone to take care of everything while away. Cancel newspapers, etc….just batten down the awnings and leave with home and all. I think I am starting to envy you guys. Love you and miss you. Mom

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