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Well, after 21 months, +23,000 miles in 3 countries, 4 provinces, 18 states – we’re done RV’ing.  We’ve seen enough.   Just one of the primary reasons for this entire adventure was to find the perfect place to retire and we did it!

With +350 days of sunshine, located on the crystal clear blue water, friendly people, cost of living to our advantage, close proximity to the USA and major cities and airports in Phoenix and Tucson, we’ve set our sights on a beautiful beach condo here in Rocky Point, Mexico.


PicMonkey Collage



…you can all breathe now…  While we like it here in Mexico it hasn’t quite hit the top of our list of places to settle down in.  I guess we just have to keep travelling!  We’re no where near done.

It’s been a long time since we’ve pulled an April Fool’s prank.  We’re still giggling…


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8 Responses to Some really big news…

  1. Bart Brooks says:

    Good One!!! We had some good April Fool’s jokes over the years! Enjoy!

    Bart & Esther

  2. Ashleigh Ross says:

    LOL Oh my goodness. Kind of had me. I can definitely picture you giggling.

  3. Su says:

    Good one! You totally had me and I was really shocked, “OMG”. Holy S**t! I can’t believe it.” And then the disappointment set in when I thought I would no longer be able to travel vicariously through you! Looking forward to many more travel reports. Keep having fun and traveling safe. Love you guys. Su

  4. Kelly says:

    You totally got me! Good one. K

  5. Helen says:

    Good one, jokers!! 😂 xo

  6. Steve Lawson says:

    You got me. I was getting ready to send you a note, make sure there is a spare bedroom, lol

  7. Jeanne says:

    You almost got me. I forgot it was April Fools Day. I just thought Chuck was drinking some ” bad Tequila”. Enjoy! 🌷

  8. For the record. This was 100% Jacquie’s idea. She’s been giggling about it for the last three or four days and couldn’t wait to get up this morning and publish the post. She is so proud of herself.

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