Yes – shopping is really an adventure!

We love arriving at a new destination – and checking out the shopping! Now, not all shopping – primarily grocery stores, COSTCO’s, bakeries and shoes – and Mexico is no exception.  Not at all!

Drug stores are highly competitive and are everywhere. We haven’t actually gone in one yet – we don’t need any prescription drugs. If you have a prescription they will fill it – and if you don’t have one they apparently will write it (for some items). We hear that prices are cheap and just seeing their advertising it looks like some prices are about 50% cheaper than in Canada.



Super Ley is THE grocery store in town.  Shelves are well stocked, selection is great,  produce is fresh, aisles are labelled in spanish and english and both locals and tourists shop here.   While prices are in Pesos the total is calculated in both USD and Pesos and you have the option to pay in either currency when you check out.    We have found that at restaurants and stores everything is better in Pesos!  AND, the bank ATM dispenses both USD and Pesos so we’re good.


Grocery Collage

PicMonkey Collage


Yes – there is a Sam’s club! The 1st couple of times we shopped Chuck asked to use other people’s membership cards and they agreed.  “I’m not asking!”  We finally broke down and paid the $25 membership fee which is good in the USA also! The best bargain is 10L jugs of water at $.94 USD!


BodegaAurrera is the local Walmart. It has the feel of  a “Price Chopper” or “Food Basics” kind of store – but offers much more than food items.

Walmart Collage





My favourite so far is La Panaderia – the bakery. The smells delicious, the clay oven unique, the conditions basic and the location ‘old town’. BUT, the prices SO cheap and the product SO delicious. Move over Cobb’s!

Panaderia Collage

Bakery Collage


Mexico’s Rodeo Drive! This used to be called  the “dirt market” – before the road was paved.  People who have been here before don’t like it, saying “it has lost its flavour“. I disagree! There’s Mexican yard art, pottery, leather goods, t-shirts, hats, knick knacks – and little Mexican children asking “do you have a quarter Lady?”.



Rodeo Drive Collage

Puerto Peñasco’s – El Malecon (the Pier). Now, this is a happening location! Bars, restaurants, fish markets, coolers filled with fresh shrimp, buckets of asparagus and more Mexican yard art, pottery, leather goods, t-shirts, hats, knick knacks.  And, older Mexicans wanting to wash your car (with a bucket, a rag and a squeegee) or find you a parking spot – asking “a tip Señor?”.


Shrimp Collage We paid $5.50/lb. from this particular shrimp vendor.  Of course be prepared to negotiate prices – considered an adventure for some of us.   I’m not allowed to do it anymore – but that’s another story.

Yes, life is good here in Mexico.  What an adventure!

3 thoughts on “Yes – shopping is really an adventure!”

  1. I probably wouldn’t very good at negotiating! Sounds like you guys are having a grand time.

  2. Sounds like a vacation. Glad you are enjoying your stay in Mexico. Prices are very reasonable. Keep enjoying the shopping and above all…the weather. Love you and miss you.

  3. Looks Great! Love the colours of Mexico. Wood fired bread…. Amazing!! Enjoy your time there.

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