‘Cuzzins’, Kenwood & Pizza – in Chicago!

Chuck has relatives in Chicago and it was an easy 3 hour drive from our Newmar service stop in Nappanee. It had also been a couple of years since we were last there and it was definitely time to pass through again.

Our home base was the Hollywood Casino in Joliet, IL, housing a large casino, hotel and RV park. We had 50Amp service but the water had been shut off for the winter. That’s o.k. – we can manage for a few days with our 105 gallon fresh water tank. The location was approximately an hour from down town Chicago and 30 minutes from where most of them live.

We love showing off the coach and everyone came for a tour! This life style is certainly not for everyone but the more people that we can show this “mechanical marvel” to – the better they understand what we’re doing.  Our visits were fun, conversation plentiful and food and drink delicious.

Our city tour on a rainy, cloudy Tuesday brought us to the the historic Landmark District of Kenwood.  Barely visible to the passer-by, sits a lovely large red brick house – shrouded by large evergreen trees, fenced and barracaded.  Do Not Enter signs are posted and 24/7 security is evident.

Where's the House


PicMonkey Collage

Yes – the black SUV in the top right  is the Secret Service and anyone found loitering in this cordoned area may be prosecuted.  I’m sure my rain coat shielded me from the facial recognition technology…

This glimpse of this lovely large red brick house is the Obama residence in Chicago.

You can’t come to Chicago without eating some great pizza.  I recalled an article published about a year ago by Huffington Post listing the best pizzerias in every State of America.   I referenced the list and their #1 pick for the State of Illinois was a thin-crust joint, right here in Chicago,  Vito & Nick’s. The place has been going strong for over 80 years so it must be good!

When I suggested this place to the Chicago ‘cuzzins’ they threw their heads back with laughter and exclaimed – “that’s our old neighbourhood where we grew up”! We know Vito & Nick’s!  Let’s go!

The trip to Vito & Nick’s also took in a guided tour of the family’s old neighbourhood – visit to the house where they grew up, past the elementary and high schools attended, the Church where they worshipped and past neighbour’s houses with names and memories remembered and recounted.

Back to the pizzeria!  The place was brightly lit, formica table tops, turquoise coloured benches and chairs, shag carpeting on one wall – a really happening place for a Tuesday evening.

Ahhh – the pizzas.  The crusts were crispy thin, the tomato sauce smooth – almost buttery, perfectly seasoned and the toppings plentiful. The pizzas were cut in little squares – almost 2 bite-size – which were perfect for picking up off the plate and popping into your mouth. Washed down with pitchers of Chicago’s Old Style draft beer – we left the plates and pitchers empty!

Pizza Collage




Oh yes – open since 1932 and they only take cash!

It was a quick trip passing through this great city – but so fun.   Thank-you Chicago ‘cuzzins’ for a wonderful visit!


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  1. Thanks for swinging through Chicago! It was great to see you both, as always, and great to meet Gracie and Fred . . . and the Coach! I so admire your spirit of adventure, and am jealous of your ability to follow your dream. Safe travels! P.S., thanks for the pizza! Vito and Nick’s!!

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