Taking Care of Business

Marina is nearly empty –



Boats are stacked and shrink-wrapped –


RV’s are cleaned, winterized and moved into storage –




while a few others (like us) –


… are waiting to move out before November 30th when this Fifty Point Marina and RV park closes for the season. Others will re-locate to local areas for Christmas and then move out on the 1st dry travel day to warmer places. This end of season is so bitter-sweet watching the staff take care of business.

I know this isn’t supposed to be a vacation but there’s an excitement and exhilaration about getting ready to hit the road after an extended stay – very similar to going on a holiday.  It reminded me of when I was working and getting ready to go on vacation  – scrambling to finish outstanding projects and leave my in-basket empty.  Only, of course, to have it full on my return!

Before leaving,  a two-page “to do” list kept us busy!  The pick-up truck needed a tune-up, there was another round of dentist and doctor’s appointments, flu shots, clean and purge cupboards and closets [again], shop for Canadian favourites not readily available in the USA [Kraft peanut butter and pet food], dinners and brunches with family and friends, check tire pressure, clean the coach, trips to the dry cleaners, shop for new glasses.   We were busy – taking care of business.

The 1st week of this next 6-month travel adventure is all about taking care of coach business. There was an oil and filter change and 25 point check at the Cummins Coach Care Centre in Grand Rapids, MI scheduled for Monday, November 9th. There was a quick dresser drawer replacement service at the dealer – Midway RV in Grand Rapids – scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th. And, then we were scheduled for 3 days of service at the Newmar factory in Nappanee, IN starting on Wednesday, November 11th.

It takes careful, early planning to get the work scheduled to meet our travel plans.   We had originally considered getting the oil and filter change done at the Freightliner factory in Gaffney, SC and when we called mid-October we were told the 1st available date was December 18th… Hmmm, that definitely wouldn’t work and we needed to move to Plan B – whatever that might be.

For the last few weeks we’ve been watching RV’s and coaches heading south.  We suspect the exodus of winter travellers all have the same thing in mind  – they need to take care of business.

3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business”

  1. Jacquie, I had to laugh when you say you take Kraft peanut butter to the states. We take 2 jars to last us the winter. We were just in AZ for 5 weeks, home for Christmas and then down till the end of April.

    Are you heading to Palm Springs again? I know you loved the place you were in there. We may be in PS near the end of Feb. Safe travels.


    1. Hi! Palm Springs is on the radar – along with San Diego – and even Mexico. All the kids and grandkids are travelling to Las Vegas for Christmas – which is the real reason we’re going west/southwest again this winter! It was a very conclusive taste test between Skippy’s and Kraft that made me throw out half a jar of Skippy’s and stock up on Kraft!

  2. I’m glad you are back on the road taking care of business because hopefully that means lots of interesting posts, along with pictures of family you’ll be visiting along the way! Yesterday’s post on the border crossing had me LOL! I imagined the border patrol following your blog and that they’ll be ready for you when you return! Safe travels!

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