Spontaneity Never Disappoints!

When making our plans to leave Lewisburg, WV and head back north it occurred to us that we were only 6 hours from Raleigh, NC – Chuck’s home town. We need to go south! We have to go south! Let’s go!

Family and friends that we hadn’t seen in a few years, Bojangle’s country ham and egg biscuits, Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant, the weekend Flea Market at the State Fair Grounds, the State Farmer’s Market Restaurant were all calling us home.

And we packed it in!

There are not many places around Raleigh for RV’s – but, there is a great set-up at the State Fair Grounds. They don’t take reservations, its 1st come 1st served, has full hook-ups all at a great bargain price of $25 a night – and they had lots of room! It turned out to be a good location for our visitors, for us – and Gracie – who could take in the scents, sounds and sights of a weekend horse show.

We stayed Saturday night and left on Sunday around 5 p.m. for Kenly, NC. We had an appointment Monday morning at Atlantic Cummins to get our generator checked out. It had sprung a diesel leak while we were parked in Lewisburg so we turned it off until we could get it serviced. It turned out to be a defective fuel filter which was replaced in about 30 minutes and we were good to go. Whew – that was easy!

As it turns out Kenly is only 30 minutes from Steve & Cynthia – Chuck’s high school friends now in Goldsboro, NC. “Come on over for a BBQ!” – and we were there! Even better they had a neighbour who owned some property that we could park on – it really doesn’t get much better than that. Good food, good friends and another great free parking spot. Sadly, no people pics – we were too busy eating and visiting!



Next morning – back to Raleigh, back to the fair grounds, lunch at Big Ed’s and visits from more friends for a very impromptu coach potluck including West Virginia yellow watermelon!

The best trips are those that provide “Kodak” moments of sights and/or events never seen before. I don’t remember seeing fields of tobacco OR tobacco blooms before – but there they were in Kenly, North Carolina.

We never before witnessed  harvesting of watermelons – but there they were near Goldsboro, North Carolina.

We have never before seen a sign like this in a restaurant –



Quick trips are so special – don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Spontaneity Never Disappoints!”

  1. Love it – sounds and looks like a great trip! I miss NC too! Those biscuits sure do look delicious! Aunt Joyce – you look beautiful as always!

    I am envious of your spontaneity!!! You worked a lot of 9-5s to enjoy this!


  2. I missed the email on this one! It was nice to you guys…and Eric, too!

    Shannon, you and your family are welcome to visit NC and stay with me anytime! Then we can head on down to the beach! Miss you!

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