Ontario – no admittance before May 1st!

We’re settling in to our spot at 50 Point Conservation Area & Marina in Winona, ON – between Stoney Creek and Grimsby – perfectly located on the shores of Lake Ontario.   The real reason we’re here is there are so few places in Ontario that are open before May 1st.  50 Point was scheduled to open April 1st but even it was delayed a week due to wet conditions.  Those of us counting our allotment of days in the US might need to spend time in various Walmarts or “drive-way surfing” at friends and family waiting out the weather and park openings.

There’s about 20 RV’s parked here this week and we’re all snowbirds returning for the next 6 months.  Many of them have resided here before so its considered “home”.  From all initial counts – this “home” is not a bad place to be.

This conservation area is a wonderful mix of boat slips, full service marina, campsites, stocked fishing pond, restaurant, beach with clean water swimming, volleyball courts, ball hockey rink, BBQ’s, shade canopies and scores of picnic tables.  Park admission is year-round and costs $10/car (2 persons) and $5 for each additional person in the vehicle.  A little hefty, I think.

There are 80 campsites laid out in 3 pods and 25 sites are those that opened the 1st week of April – to accommodate us returning snowbirds.  The other sites are scheduled to open May 1st.  We’ve elected to stay the 1st 12 weeks (to mid-July) so we’re now considered a “long-term” resident.  If we extend our stay beyond the 12 weeks the rate for the additional weeks is cut in half.  We will be leaving here for about 4 weeks as we move around in July and August but that certainly is not a bad incentive to return for the fall.  In addition, as “long-term” residents – the hefty entrance fee is waived for anyone coming to visit us.  Now that’s a bonus!  Come on over!

Our site – #62 – is a spacious corner lot with plenty of grassy area for impromptu soccer games, bocce ball, horseshoes, etc.  I’ve always wanted a party yard!

The conservation area is bordered on the west with a housing sub-division and – on the east – a National Defence Training Ground for target shooting!

J:  Is that gunshots?

C:  No, it’s probably fireworks.

J:  Fireworks?  It sounds like a fireworks factory exploding!

We’ve been here 12 days already and we’ve heard the target training on 2 separate occasions (on Saturdays).    So far, it’s only been a few hours of firing!  At first I was nervous – but now I feel safe!  The Canadian Department of National Defence has our back!


Spring is still struggling here – so the trees and shrubs are slowly budding, the ground still soggy in parts and the nights cool enough to trigger the furnace.  If birds are any indication that spring is here and/or coming – then spring is definitely here.  In fact, we think a family of cardinals have made a home in the back of our coach!  Our bike rack attached to the back of the coach is full of  bird poop!

Coming back to Ontario has a 2-page to-do list and we’re making progress.  The storage unit is empty, my taxes are done, bank accounts no longer required have been closed, cupboards are re-organized, clothes never worn and obviously not required are being donated, and dentist appointments this afternoon!

I guess the vacation is over –  Nah, that’s just life…

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