After 8 months we always know – “It’ll be o.k.”

We unplugged Sunday at 9 a.m. and “boon docked/dry camped” the entire day. We made coffee, watched the Masters all afternoon, had lights on as required and we were battery powered until 7 p.m. when the generator automatically started up when I was in the shower. Yeah – 10 hours of battery power AND the AGS starts up!

“The Dance” has ended with a curtsy and a bow…

We were not entirely joined at the hip with Newmar these last few days and we were able to explore.

This area is renowned for its Mennonite craftsmanship and the wood work and interior of our coach is a testament to the beautiful work they do. But, we wanted more.

When travelling we need some kind of console table between the driver and passenger seats to hold drinks, snacks, sandwiches, i-phones, maps, etc. that we can reach within the restrictions of our seat belts. The dash was too far out of reach and the 2 little dash drawers were too small for anything but keys and toothpicks!

I also wanted a steering wheel table! While “peering through coach windows at night” I had seen one last July at the Newmar Rally in Escanaba, MI.   The steering wheel was tilted almost level, covered with a tablecloth, lit with a unique table lamp, a lovely house plant cascading down the table – it looked so homey! I miss decorating my home. Wait, this is my home – I want a steering wheel table!

Mr. Carlyle Lehman, a local Mennonite, came highly recommended. In fact, the woodworking he does is exclusive to RV’s. We drove out to his shop where he had samples of his work – desks, headboards, cupboards, dining tables, side tables – and steering wheel and console tables! He had all of the Newmar coach brochures so he knew exactly what our interior looked like and he used the same stains. And – we could pick up the finished pieces the next evening!

The console table is pretty versatile – drop leafs can be raised up to make a coffee table; table topper includes 2 drink holders and has a raised lip to prevent items from slipping off; and the table height is adjustable to create an eating/working table. A great piece for an RV!

Ahhh – my steering wheel table. Now, I need a lamp and plants – just more stuff to put on the bed when travelling…

On Friday we drove to Shipshewana – a lovely little town of just over 600 residents – that welcomes over a million visitors each year to its shops, restaurants, auction house, massive flea market (May to October), the Blue Gate Theater and the The Menno Hof Museum.

The black square is a quilt of flowers in the summer

Our $7/person ticket offered a 2 hour multi-media education about the history and cultural differences of the Amish, Mennonites and Hutterites (collectively known as the Anabaptist’s – that means to “rebaptize”) that live in the area. We learned a lot!

  • the Hutterites are the oldest and are located in Canada, the U.S. and Japan.  From the beginning they have practiced communal living, including the common ownership of property – all continued today.
  • the Mennonites number over 1.2 million members scattered throughout 66 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South Americas.  More than half of this faith consists of other-than-white members.
  • the Amish have resisted modern conveniences – declining to own cars, radios, television and rejecting the use of phones and electricity.  Today the Amish are located primarily in the U.S. and Canada.  Most of the 200,000 Amish live in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.

“Johnny – I thought you were Mennonite.   How long have you and your family been Amish?  

Since yesterday afternoon – after leaving the gas station!”

Giggle?  Groan!



3 thoughts on “After 8 months we always know – “It’ll be o.k.””

  1. I just love reading about your adventures! Keep the stories and pictures coming. Your new additions are very nice. Safe travels!

  2. Wow very interesting. What a cool idea, glad you included pics of your new furniture. I could not picture what a steering wheel table would look like and you are right it is a MUST have…
    Well it is April 15th so you must be at your Canadian location right… I would imagine you will be excited to see all of us… We look forward to seeing you all too… xo

  3. Great Blog! Very informative. Love your new furniture. The console table is my first purchase at your next yard sale. Every small house should have such a piece of furniture. Okay, family and friends…remember, I have first dibs on the console. I like the steering wheel table but I have no room for it so I’ll pass. Can’t wait to see how you home will be decorated for the Summer. Take pics. Lots and lots of pics.
    Nice to see Freddie in one of the pics. Wonder if Gracie will recognize us. Have you been showing her our picture?
    See you soon. Happy rolling down the highway.

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