Everyday life on the Arizona road

We stayed in the dusty desert town of Quartzsite for 2 nights discovering that this is probably one of the cheapest places to stay long-term – less than $10/night – and different people we met were staying for a few months. We even met some fellow Ontario RV’ers – from Cookstown, ON – who were also full-timing and we shared our stories over a glass of wine… Checking out license plates easily opens up a conversation and I’m proud of our Ontario “ITLLBEOK” plates – which really open up a conversation. I love watching people standing in front of our coach trying to interpret the plates – and when they get it – there’s a smile and a giggle!

We left Quartzsite on Wednesday, February 18th and headed 82 miles to Yuma – and I drove the whole way! Yahoo! This mechanical marvel is so great to drive, the highway was empty, lanes and shoulders were wide enough and all the side and back cameras were working so I could see all angles. I did scare the passenger a couple of times getting too close to the shoulder – I just wanted to be sure I gave everyone lots of room… The only one who didn’t like me driving was Gracie! Her and I usually share the passenger seat and Chuck wouldn’t let her share the seat with him so she was left with only the floor.

Someone's coming!
Someone’s coming!
Pretty serious business...
Pretty serious business…

Yuma – what can I say? I didn’t take any pictures! There’s lots of Canadians and multiple RV parks – with competitive pricing – and not that many RV’s. But, quite popular are the row upon row of “park models” – 1 bedroom little bungalows with parking, front porch and lots of garden art, flags, Mexican pottery and whirly gigs, all the stuff that old people like… O.K. – I did buy some whirly gigs!

We spent time in Yuma getting groceries, doing laundry, cleaning the coach, having Gracie groomed, finding dog and cat food, re-organizing the “basement” and planning our south-east route back to Canada. For “fun” we checked out the multiple RV parks and a huge flea market. I also did one water aerobics class; we enjoyed the “wings & beer” Happy Hour one afternoon and got to watch the square dancers in their finest crinolines. This ended up being a “housekeeping” stop – that we always have to make time for while on the road. This really isn’t a vacation we’re on!

We left Yuma on Monday, February 23rd – destination 240 miles – to Tucson. Our hope was to meet up with some friends that we met at the Rose Parade Rally but, sadly, they were going to be out of town. Other plans were to stop in at a Newmar dealer to get our full-wall slide checked out.

The full-wall slide is about 26’ long extending from just behind the drivers seat to the end of the bedroom. It also carries a lot of weight in the framing structure, operates with 2 motors and houses the residential fridge and freezer. While the “in” and “out” operation of this monster slide has always been slow it was starting to be a little more sluggish and we had visions of our steps problem [see blog post “Step It Up” posted December 6th]. A visit to the dealer here in Tucson checked it out and merely made some setting adjustments and we’re good to go. Whew! That was easy!

What started out being 2 days in Tucson has ended up being 4 – with a trip to the desert, 9,000′ up Lemmon Mountain, a great parade and my 1st rodeo celebrating 90 years of La Fiesta de los Vaqueros (“The Fiesta of the Cowboys”).

Tucson cowboys don’t need a fiesta… just their horses!

IMG_3126 IMG_3128


8 thoughts on “Everyday life on the Arizona road”

  1. Hi there: Another great informative chapter with nice pictures. Glad to see you driving. It suits you Jacquie. Nice horses too. A little over a month and you’ll be back in Ontario. Youppi!

  2. Bring that warm weather with you or you will need your long underwear! Thanks for the update and the pictures of the sunshine! Hugs and Kisses to you both!

    1. Plans were to leave Tucson this morning – headed for Carlsbad, New Mexico – but checked the weather and 1 – 3″ of snow expected! We’re staying put!

  3. YES…Warm weather with you. Nice post. Giggled myself about you smiling as you watch people figure out your plates. I love them. Words to live by.
    You impressed me behind the wheel. You guys are BIG!! 🙂
    Little over a month… Cant wait!

  4. I am glad to see that Chuck is sharing the driving responsibility with you, Jacquie! I love reading your stories!!! You are an excellent writer! Have you considered a book?

    1. Stayed at Quail Run. Not ready to boondock yet… We didn’t make it to the Yacht Club altho’ LOL at the idea of the Yacht Club in the dusty desert!

  5. My Mom & Dad used to live in “Tucson Estates” and when I visited them there, I was very impressed with the desert which I thought looked like it had been professionally landscaped … so beautiful and I remember how vividly blue the skies were there too. Sounds like the fun continues for you both, and I wish you more safe travels. Any chance of a stopover in beautiful Ottawa (where – BTW – it is currently only MINUS 15 degrees!)? I would love to see you both again, and to hear all about your adventures in person! xo

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