More of Vegas and Lake Havasu City & now Quartzsite, AZ

You can’t come to Vegas and not visit the Hoover Dam, marvel at the newly constructed bridge and walk the Strip – and we did all that – including visiting with family that we specifically came here for. We’ve now left Vegas and are in Quartzsite, AZ after some weekend excitement in Lake Havasu City, AZ. We’re then heading to Yuma and a little cross border shopping in Mexico.

What can we say about Hoover Dam that hasn’t been said before?
An engineering feat? Been said.
4.5 million cubic yards of concrete? Been said.
Enough concrete to build a 2-lane highway from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL? Been said.
Created the largest man-made lake in the world including 550 miles of shoreline and 247 miles of area? Been said.
Draws some 7 million tourists a year?  Been said.

How about star struck silence…

The Strip also has its magnetic draw – the kaleidoscope of noise, colours, people, smells and money! Every hotel site continues to out do the others and the architectural trend is changing from “family/event ” hotels to the cosmopolitan, chic, young & trendy. What a city! What a strip!

And the real reason we dropped in to say “hi” and “bye” –

We spent the weekend in Lake Havasu City and totally overlooked the fact that this was a long weekend in the U.S. – with President’s Day on Monday. In addition, there was the “7th Annual Rockabilly Reunion” and the “26th Annual Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnics”. To say every place was full is an understatement and we ended up dry-camping (no hook-ups) for 2 nights. We didn’t get to the Rockabilly Reunion – a 1950’s themed car show and music fest. The 1st day we brought Gracie and no dogs were allowed; the 2nd day the line up to get in was way too long and the 3rd day we didn’t even bother trying! When the Western Pyrotechnic Association converges for its annual convention to show-off the latest and greatest in fireworks, the fireworks displays occur from Thursday to Sunday. We went on Saturday night and while the fireworks were “brilliant” we’ve seen much better at the “Symphony of Fire” at Ontario Place. In any case – sitting outside in February watching fireworks overhead is pretty awesome!

Lake Havasu City is a happening place with adventures on land and water for everyone – but “look up!” – and not that high up either…


We’re now in Quartzsite, Arizona – a dusty, desert town world renowned for its “International Rock, Gem & Mineral Show” and its “Annual Sports, Vacation and RV Show” – billed as the largest gathering of RV’s and RV’ers on earth from January 17th to the 25th. We had originally planned on coming here at that time but Indio, CA had us in her clutches… When we checked into this RV spot we asked where the swimming pool was. “No swimming pools anywhere in Quartzsite – there’s not enough water!” Holy moly I’m not staying…

3 thoughts on “More of Vegas and Lake Havasu City & now Quartzsite, AZ”

  1. Have enjoyed following your posts. You sure are having a great adventure. I was wondering what your reaction to Quartzsite would be. We have passed it a few times going to Palm Springs and wondered what the attraction was. Not much as far as I could see. If you get to Scottsdale area please be sure to give us a call. Would love to see your “home” and you. Helen McInnis (Lesley Franklin’s mom from Oakville…Joshua Creek)

  2. Hi Helen! Great to see you are following. I stayed “home” today while Chuck explored Quartzsite as at 1st glance there wasn’t much of an attraction to me… We’re headed for Yuma, Tucson & Phoenix – then into New Mexico and all points east (and north) to be in Ontario by April 1st – weather permitting. Will definitely contact you when (and if) in Scottsdale area. So much to see – so little time…

  3. we were in Quartzite shortly after Indio during the RV show…. WOW! Be sure and check out the Yacht Club before you leave!!! We are members and it is a hoot!!!

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