Sights beyond The Vegas Strip? Absolutely!

IMG_2775National Geographic names this park as 1 of 300 Best Drives in the U.S.  Ever since I read about this location in other RV blogs it was on my “go to” list and we were not leaving Vegas until we explored it!

The park is located in the Mojave Desert approximately 50 miles Northeast of the Las Vegas strip.

A $10 daily-use entrance fee is charged per vehicle, there are 2 campgrounds with a combined total of 72 units with an additional $10 or $20 surcharge added depending on the site and an excellent visitor centre providing exhibits on geology, ecology, prehistory and history of the park and the nearby region.

We arrived mid-day (not the best time for taking photos) but the brilliant blue sky and miles of intricate, sculpted red rock were intoxicating.

REMINDER:  Double click on each photo to expand the view and then hit the back button to go back to the blog!  Thanks to my sister Sue for pointing out this tip…

This oldest state park in Nevada takes you through the 7-mile valley – a land of amazingly sculptured sandstone turned red from oxidized iron and eroded into curious shapes over the last 150 million years.

There’s a short trail to petrified logs –


A 3/4 mile, round trip trail through the Petroglyph Canyon –

Rainbow Vista offering a spectacular view of canyons, domes, towers, ridges and valleys in an amazing range of colour –

A 1.25 mile hike at White Domes – to view immense blocks of white sandstone – including our first slot canyon –

…and all of it dog friendly.

We were there all afternoon and didn’t see it all – meaning we have to come back!

Coming out of the park at dusk I caught this herd of mountain goats clambering down the hills.  I took about 25 pics and only 1 came out – but that’s all it takes is just 1 good pic – isn’t it?


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