Where to Stay?

Provincial parks, national parks, state parks, city parks, private parks, Walmart, casinos, boon docking, fair grounds – so many options – but none so impressive as the “RV Resort”.

We are staying at the Outdoor Resort Indio, described as The Ultimate Motor Coach Resort. There are 2 others in the area that are “more ultimate” if one can believe it!

Indio is in a 30 mile strip of towns starting with Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Indio, La Quinta and Coachella. They all string together and have so much to offer. We’re surrounded by mountains, palm trees, golf courses and bougainvillea.

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There are 424 RV sites on this “lot-owner operated resort”. When the owners aren’t using the lot they have the option of renting their site – either through the office or privately. We are renting directly from the owner (he owns 8 lots in this place) and the rent is more reasonable than going through the office.  There are lots of coaches from BC and Alberta and 3 from Ontario.  The rest are from all over the US.

As an owner you can do as little – or as much to your property – as you want. Most of these properties are beautiful – outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, living areas, private driveway for your 2nd vehicle, gardens, water features, garden art – oh my. I feel like I’m back in Oakville!

But – its the activities that people buy in here for – which are non-stop daily. There’s 4 swimming pools each with a hot tub and sauna; pickle ball courts, tennis courts, 18 hole golf course (par 3) – all free except when there’s a planned activity; there’s a clubhouse and cafe. Every day offers exercise classes, water aerobics, pickle ball games and golf. Throughout the week there’s golf clinics, pickle ball lessons, ice cream socials (banana splits this week), free Taco Tuesday dinners, $7 burger & beer on the patio, movie night, ladies 9-hole golf tourney for 50 cents, bingo, bridge, sewing, men’s & ladies poker, yoga, line dancing, ballroom, swing & salsa dancing, and on and on. You can be as busy as you want – if you can keep up with the schedule! Most activities are free, some have a nominal fee and others, such as the “Mystery Dinner & Special Gallery Showing” at $65/person. Something for everyone!

We’re here for 2 weeks and then making our way to Las Vegas to visit with family – but we’re trying to get back in here for 6 weeks through to the end of March. As of today, there are no openings – but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. Joyce, visitors (i.e. Family and good friends) are always welcome for short stays. So far, we’ve had five different visitors and enjoyed every moment. It’s a lot more comfortable than you might think. Joe, thanks for the link to that article. Sounds very familiar. Admittedly we are at the bottom of the learning curve for this new “lifestyle”. We’re still pinching ourselves at how much we are enjoying our adventures. We’re seeing so much and meeting so many nice/interesting people from all over. Even met someone from Bermuda that does this for several months a year in the “States”.

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